The patient's own cells are able to deal effectively with leukemia

The patient
the first time scientists from Children's Hospital Los Angeles was able to multiply in the laboratory cells of the immune system of sick children with leukemia - the efficiency of these cells in the fight against cancer has been demonstrated.

edition published in Leukemia findings may one day available to doctors a safer and more effective ways to combat cancer in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is one of the, developing in children the most common cancers.

Currently, patients with ALL treated with chemotherapy-for two or three years, but the side effects of this therapy are badly affect the development and the possibility of having their own children.

As a safer alternative, scientists are trying to enhance the protective properties of the immune system (immunotherapy), including, in particular, a class of so-called natural killer cells - cells that recognize and destroy unhealthy cells before they turn into cancer completely.

Although therapy with natural killer (NK) is very prom

ising, there are many difficulties: the donor cells may be rejected by the body and their own NC patient, and that so little, it is difficult to propagate.

And American scientists in the lab managed to not only propagate cells from patients with leukemia of children, but also to show that they are effectively fighting cancer cells, obtained from the same patients.This helped natural killers: cancer cells are marked characteristic molecules which bind only with them and facilitate their recognition by the immune system as dangerous.

According to the researchers, they see the possibility of this strategy to become the so-called (chosen in the forefront) of the first-line therapy, as well as means of removing from the body residues of cancer cells after chemotherapy:

«We hope in the future to conduct additional preclinical tests, and thenclinical trials to assess the method in the treatment of leukemia in children. "

Source: official website of the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

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