Reduces leg cramp : what are the reasons

Reduces leg cramp : what are the reasons
once in your life, everyone felt the pain.Cramping legs at once, it usually fits of short duration.If this attack caught you at night, then it is very difficult to sleep.The cause of leg cramps can be not only a banal fatigue or enhanced physical activity, but also a number of diseases.

Reduces leg cramp: a symptom?

Sometimes legs cramped and absolutely healthy people.The causes are many: hypothermia, overheating, uncomfortable shoes, sedentary or standing work, lack of movement, forced posture, stress and fatigue.

Leg cramps familiar professional swimmers.Often reduces legs gardeners, clock weed beds have loaders, lift weights, tourists overcoming kilometers over rough terrain.

However, if the driving leg cramps regularly, it is reason to think, what are the reasons.Regular leg cramps may be a symptom of atherosclerosis, which is due to frequent seizures even called intermittent claudication.

Reduces leg cramp, and in diseases such as diabetes, low back pain, liver cirrhosis, varicose veins, thyr

oid lesions, cardiovascular disease, flat, kidney disease, thrombophlebitis, etc.

If convulsions pronounced and torture often enough, you should immediately consult a doctor.Learn what causes recurring pain in the calf muscles, help analysis.

Today, the Internet and in the media, you can find hundreds of popular recipes, what to do when driving leg cramp.But sometimes alone tingling cramped muscles and applying to it a warm heating pad or a mustard plaster is not enough: it is necessary to treat the disease, which leads to seizures.

Village on a diet - leg cramped!

is no coincidence that most reduces leg cramps in women.In addition to pregnancy and so-called women's diseases, leg cramps provoked harsh diet, on which sit the ladies who want to lose weight.

Another reason that cramped legs - poor diet.Potassium deficiency in foods, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and B can lead to seizures.

In such cases it is recommended to take calcium gluconate, and better - to interrupt the diet and start eating balanced.All necessary for normal metabolic processes trace elements and vitamins are in normal healthy food: in cottage cheese, meat, vegetables, legumes and honey.The proteins and glucose are particularly important for the excellent work of the muscles and prevent leg cramps.

What to do when driving leg cramp

  • Just do not prick the arm with a needle, as shown in the movie!Firstly, as you can easily infect the blood or the skin.Secondly, you need to know yet where the stabbing.
  • If spasm causes acute pain and need to quickly remove the spasm, try to stand on tiptoes.Often it helps.
  • tingling note muscle from top to bottom and from bottom to top.Apply a heating pad or warm calves put mustard plaster.You can rub the foot warming ointment.
  • Relieve tension in the legs can help a circular motion feet.To do this, you must first pull the legs.
  • rolling from toes to heel, you can also remove the spasm in the calf.

And remember: if the seizures are repeated several times a week, you need to run to the doctor.

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