Botox can be used for the treatment of gastric cancer

Botox can be used for the treatment of gastric cancer
, published in Science Translational Medicine study suggests that cancer cell growth may be slowed down using Botox by blocking the signals transmitted by tumor-associated nerve fibers.

Scientists have conducted successful tests on mice and plan to soon begin studies on cancer patients.Through the use of Botox proposed method is inexpensive, safe and effective in comparison to other approaches in cancer treatment.

Ā«Research shows that cancer is controlled by nerve cells," - said the head of the work, Professor Duan Chen and Timothy Wang.

experiments confirmed that the vagus nerve is involved in the growth of gastric tumors, therefore signaling a stop on it to stop the abnormal growth of the tumor.

Strengthening the growth of cancer formation is influenced by nerve bundles, as shown in the article, due to the release of nerve transmitter opredlenie - a neurotransmitter.

In the case of gastric cancer researchers are four methods of stopping the effect of the vagus nerve were tested:

  • his surgical incision, or vagotomy;
  • local administration of Botox - to stop the transmission of the transmitter;
  • use other special oppressive transmitter substances;
  • genetic "off" the gene responsible for the transfer.

all capable of reducing tumor growth, but Botox injections were the most effective, to the surprise of researchers, it should be noted.

Although the proposed method is relatively inexpensive, safe and quite simple - patients need to stay in the hospital only a few hours for the administration of Botox via gastroscopy, - according to Professor Chen, it should be used as an adjunct to chemotherapy.Moreover, that such a procedure to block nerve transmission in the tumor tissue can make it more vulnerable to chemotherapeutic drugs.

Equally successful results led to the beginning of clinical trials in Norway for patients with gastric cancer, but scientists believe that the method can be effective in the treatment of other tumors, such as prostate cancer.

Source: site of Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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