Lock thumb : how it works

Lock thumb : how it works
indispensable component of feminine beauty are neat, shapely legs.But many of the fair sex are disfigured foot protruding bone of the thumb.Correct this defect orthopedic helps lock thumb.

problem of bulging on the foot joint concern for many women.Experts call a number of diseases, the main symptom of which is a deformation of the big toe.

most often to the appearance of "bones" lead gout, rheumatoid arthritis, joint arthrosis and valgus deformity of the thumb.Although the presence of cones on the foot is not the cause of disability, but causes severe discomfort while walking and have a negative impact on the appearance of female legs.

primarily affects articular cartilage, loss of elasticity and the ability to amortization.Then, due to the increased load starts damaged ligaments of the thumb.

disrupted blood microcirculation and atrophy surrounding muscles, which leads to a sharp restriction of mobility of the fingers.As a result, the thumb is deflected towards the second, and its base moves down

wards and outwards, which causes the formation of so-called "bone".

factors leading to deformation of the foot

  • flat;
  • wearing tight shoes with narrow toes;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • overweight;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • long-term burden on the foot (standing work);
  • foot wide;
  • bending shins;
  • regular hypothermia feet;
  • metabolic disorder;
  • female gender and older age.

degree of deformation of the foot

  • 1 degree.Thumb shifted by less than 20 degrees.The disease does not cause pain and difficulty of movement.
  • 2 degree.Deformation reach 30 degrees, accompanied by mild pain and discomfort during long walks.
  • 3 degree.The joint loses mobility, pain, and the finger itself is shifted to the side at 30-50 degrees.The support and cushioning function is severely impaired.
  • 4 degree.Degree finger deviation exceeds 50, the pain and discomfort become permanent.

What will locking thumb

Valgus deformation of the big toe requires complex treatment.To get rid of the "seed" is necessary to observe a certain diet, undergo physical therapy, massage, physiotherapy.Reduce the swelling and painful joints helps to receive anti-inflammatory drugs.

In advanced disease applied surgery.But when the initial degree of distortion is corrected successfully lock thumb.orthopedists also recommend using it for prevention of stones.

Due to its anatomical shape retainer thumb allows to achieve the following results:

  • corrects the incorrect position of the finger, not allowing him to link up with neighboring;
  • in the postoperative period reduces the time of rehabilitation;
  • restores mobility of the foot;
  • prevents the progression of the disease;
  • contributes to the disappearance of corns;
  • reduces the risk of arthritis and bursitis.


What are locks for thumb

Catches correcting deformation of thumb used in orthopedics for years.Many manufacturers produce these products in different variations.

  1. Catches thumb are made of silicone or elastic hypoallergenic plastic.
  2. Some models are equipped with a special clamp located between the thumb and second finger, and other offsets do without it.
  3. separate line locks for thumb (called bands) are provided with the simulated bus, adjustable in size and clasp fastened.

How to use lock thumb

Typically, to achieve the therapeutic effect is recommended wearing a retainer for three to six months.Concealer, chosen strictly on the size put on a big toe, firmly attached and left for the night.It can also be worn during the day for several hours.

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