Furuncle on the face : what to do

Furuncle on the face : what to do
furuncle on the face does not appear by accident.Any boil - it is a signal that the immune system weakened.The causes of this disease may be factors such as constant contact with harmful substances, scratches and abrasions, as well as sweating.

In addition to a boil on the face looks unattractive, it can be a symptom of diseases of internal organs, and improper treatment can lead to serious consequences.

How to determine that it appeared on the face of the boil

As the medical reference books, boils (in simple words, boil) is a pathology of the hair follicle, accompanied by inflammation and the formation of pus, often the process affects the surrounding tissue.

furuncle on the face appears in most cases as a result of exposure to one type of staph.In order to take the right action, it is necessary initially to determine whether it is a boil.

Furuncle on his face signs

  • appearance on the face of a moderately dense and slightly painful tubercle reddish or pink in color, the borders of which are no
    t very clearly defined, sometimes felt tingling of the tubercle;
  • time education becomes denser, it takes the form of a cone, pain increases, swelling around there, and in the middle of the tubercle - purulent core, the skin surface becomes visible like a small abscess (pustule);
  • further abscess is opened, and the pus is released, it can also stand out a little blood and always something like "plug" (this is the core of purulent), and then begins the healing.

If there are exactly such manifestations, as well as the increase in body temperature (up to 37-38 degrees Celsius), is likely to face really came boil.

furuncle on the face: how to get rid of it

The main thing that needs to be learned - in any case can not be opened (squeeze) the boil.This is despite the unfavorable outcome could even lead to blood poisoning and infections getting into the blood in such nearness to the brain is particularly dangerous.

correct sequence will look like.

Before each manipulation furuncle need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or antiseptic to treat them.Bandages and compresses should be changed frequently to avoid getting an infection, which is especially important in the summer, when the heat and dust can cause complications.

In the first few days when only just begun the formation of boils, you can try to stop the process.To this should be applied to the site of inflammation ice, take anti-inflammatory medication.

to boil on the face of rapidly matured, it should be lubricated with ointment ichthyol.This tool allows you to accomplish several tasks: to get rid of the pain and reduce inflammation.However, the flavor in the ointment is quite specific, but the effect is worth it.Apply the ointment on the boil should be three times a day, not too dense layer.After that, a place where there was a boil, cover with gauze better.You can also use the ointment "Levomekol" she, by the way, is almost odorless.

When the boil was discovered, it is impossible to stop treatment.the use of ointments ( "Levomekol" Vishnevsky ointment) should be continued.

When the boil on the face it is best not to try to treat it yourself, but consult a surgeon, who will open the boil.

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