Intestinal bacteria protect against food allergies

Intestinal bacteria protect against food allergies
In the new study, the staff at the University of Chicago demonstrated in mice the role of normal intestinal microflora for Clostridia spp protection from food allergies.

revealed that clostridia stimulate the immune response and prevent allergens from entering the bloodstream from the digestive tract, thus affecting the main stages of the development of food allergy - pretty dangerous disorders, sometimes resulting in death.Research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

For this conclusion, the scientists, led by Professor Catherine Negler compared the reactions of three groups of mice on peanut ingredients that usually cause allergies: the first group developed under normal conditions, the second was given antibiotics at an early age to a partial suppression of the microflora and the mouse of the third groupbirth were under sterile conditions and therefore do not have enteric bacteria.

compared to developing in normal mice, both experimental groups with a reduced

amount of bacteria strongly react to allergens.

Interestingly, this phenomenon appeared reversible: when transplanting mice suffering from a lack of intestinal microflora, bacteria of the genus Clostridia mixture response of the immune system to allergens decreased.Moreover, this effect was observed only for this kind of bacteria - another common form of the intestine, Bacteroides, I had no positive effect.

A more detailed study of the scientists were able to identify the mechanism by which the bacteria has a protective anti-allergy effect.Genetic analysis showed that immune cells stimulated with bacteria for the production of IL-22 - a substance that triggers a cascade of processes, leading to a lowering of the permeability of the intestinal walls, and allergens simply be sucked into the bloodstream.

The findings open up a new area for the possible prevention and treatment of food allergies.Professor Negler stresses however, that although these findings are valid and in general, but the causal interactions in the described process it is also important to study individually.

Source: Science Daily

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