Almost everything that we drink affects heart health

Almost everything that we drink affects heart health
Already three reports on the effects on the cardiovascular system health wine, coffee, tea, and power engineering have been made on taking place these days in Barcelona, ​​the European Community of Cardiology Congress.

Red and white wine really protect against atherosclerosis, but the only people involved in sport;coffee increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, and tea reduces mortality;frequent consumption of energy drinks can lead to very undesirable consequences from arrhythmias to sudden death - such conclusions scientists have presented based on the latest clinical data.

In a clinical study, In Vino Veritas, the results of which said Professor Milos Tábor from the Czech Republic, it was shown that red and white wine protects against atherosclerosis those people who are physically exercising.

Observation of 146 participants and lasted for a year is to assess the basic indicators of atherosclerosis in the blood.The result was positive in the group where the participants drank wine in moderat

ion, that is according to the WHO recommendation of no more than 0.2 liters for women and 0.3 liters for men no more than 5 times a week, and regularly engaged in sports - at leasttwice a week.The next step will be experts to verify these data in patients with high risk of cardiovascular disorders.

In another study, conducted in France in 2001-2008, attended by 131,401 people aged 18 to 95 years to identify the role of tea and coffee.

According to data provided by Nicolas Danchin, pschie coffee people are more at risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system.Among the reasons for the fact that those who drink coffee are also smokers in the 14-40% more.

People who prefer tea, found themselves in a group with a lower risk of heart disease and blood vessels.As for mortality, depending on the amount of drinking coffee has not been found - only smoking.But mortality unrelated to cardiovascular reasons was lower by 24% for those who drank tea.

According to the report of another professor from France, Mila-Daniel Dries, energy drinks can lead to heart problems.

In particular, he said: "About 96% of these drinks contain caffeine, which is approximately 2 cups of espresso at 0.25 liters Power.Caffeine is one of the most active agents, resulting in the release of excess calcium in cardiac cells.This, in turn, can lead to arrhythmias, as well as to violations of contraction of the heart, his oxygen saturation. "

In the present study worked 15 specialists, including cardiologists, psychiatrists, neurologists and others."Caffeine" syndrome proved to be quite common, manifested rapid heartbeat, anxiety, tremor and headache.In 95 of the 257 cases studied were observed various cardiac symptoms.

Finally Dries separately emphasized the absolute irrelevance of Power in sports, as well as the risk to young people in clubs when trying to resolve with the help of some of the actions of power engineers of alcohol, such as drowsiness.

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