Three models of the relationship to food

According to a study published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition," what is called deterrence when it comes to snacks and high-calorie food, due to the likelihood of being overweight.At Tufts University examined the example of more than 600 women three specific behaviors - restraint, incontinence and golod.Sderzhannost can contribute to the reduction and limitation of food intake with the purpose to maintain existing weight or lose weight.Incontinence - a tendency to eat too much, when the plate is something seductive, or are there other factors that reduce your restraint (eg, stress or fatigue), regardless of whether you are hungry or not.Hunger - it is susceptible to signal that you need to eat.

The researchers found that the higher the level of incontinence, the greater the weight of the person.Incontinence in foods is directly related to obesity.Researchers reported Reuters Health, that intemperance in eating, as a rule, led to an increase in weight of 13.5 kg and mostly in people age

d 25 years and up to about 60. People who constantly unrestrained, faced with the desire to eat everythingthey are offered, there is the coveted whole food dishes and large portions.Instead, you need to exercise restraint.Stop and seriously ask yourself: Am I hungry?If you decide that you are really hungry, eat a small portion or try something and then stop.Restraint in the food to minimize the negative consequences of the excesses.

When I read about this study, it seemed to me that scientists talked to me.According to his father, my family belongs to the Armenian / Assyrian culture - a culture where food like, where it is equivalent to a holiday, hospitality, comfort, and medicine.I can not even imagine what went into his father's house, and I did not offer lunch.After breakfast here just to discuss the lunch menu.Not yet discussed dinner, are already talking about dinner.When I'm with my family, I start thinking, why not eat - because I deserve a holiday, relaxation and fun.As a result, the full turn incontinence mode.

I guess that many of you have come from such families, where food expresses a lot of things, and the idea to get out of the table, when there still is something tasty, simply unheard of.It is tempting to think that it is your origin and, therefore, you are doomed to live in the same way as your ancestors.But this is not the case.For example, I am married to Mr. Restrained eaters.He and his family eat only when they are hungry, and only what you need.Of course, they mark special events in the restaurant and baked a birthday cake, they are not so severe, not to do so, but most of the time they eat to live, not live to eat.Even if you were growing up, and now are absolutely moderate in eating a man, a few weeks of moderation in food, it becomes a habit.Link disappears, especially for sweets and starchy carbohydrates (such as bread and rice), and you will feel the power in order to maintain the beauty of life.

I rarely have to stop to think, I'm hungry or not, because the level of sugar in my blood balanced.Almost always, I know that I will have many servings do I need today to eat more vegetables, fruits, proteins, and so on.

Even if now quite immoderate in eating, next time before you eat something high-calorie or too fat, or too large portion, stop and ask yourself if you are really hungry.This is a simple but very effective scheme to start eating healthy food.

Dzh.Shomon Mary, "The Thyroid Diet" Publisher "Alfa-Beta", 2011

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