Can stress be useful

Can stress be useful
in my life one way or another person is faced with stress, suggesting that this event has a negative impact on the body.Let's look at some situations stress is useful and what is its advantages.

Reflecting on the benefits of stress, it can be concluded that there is no benefit, however, this view is mistaken.During the life of people almost daily confronted with stress.And whether we like it or not, we have to be able to adapt, adapt to all kinds of external factors that have an impact on our lives.And stress can be not only useful, it is even necessary for a person to be able to harden and easily adapt to new situations and circumstances of life.

When stress is useful

As dictated by nature, survival of the fittest.In this case, the use of stress is obvious, because it makes us stronger and more durable.Here are some examples where the stress is useful:

  • competition for the athlete - a lot of stress, but as a result the person can win, that will bring a lot of positive emotions;
  • speeches before a large audience is also a stressful situation, but here the benefit is obvious: such a short-term stress has a beneficial effect on the immune processes in the body.In addition, self-esteem, he becomes confident rises;
  • promotion through the ranks can also serve as proof that stress is useful sense of self in this case - the best reward for the excitement;
  • here also include the positive stress (marriage, birth of a child, and so on).

While long deep stress can oppress and undermine the health, light and momentary stress brings undoubted benefits to the body, mobilizing its forces to achieve certain goals in life.

What causes the lack of stress

Stress - is a kind of simulator for the whole organism.As we have seen, the use of stress in strengthening the immune and nervous systems.What happens to us in its absence?

  1. lack of experience leads to passivity.
  2. Complete freedom from stress leads to apathy.
  3. insulated from the usual passion and excitement people may become aggressive.
  4. Against the background of a prolonged absence of stress develop the disease.

In the absence of moderate stress people may lose interest in life, greatly slow down its development.It follows that the useful stress.

When we are happy or sad, we live a full life in which stressful situations bring tangible benefits.It is hard to imagine a healthy person who is completely absent emotional stress.According to scientists, the negative emotions and experiences are needed as well as a positive for us.Stress is useful because with it restored the balance of psycho-emotional experiences.Most importantly, there was no bias in one direction or another.

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