Scientifically, obkusyvaniya nail or nail-biting, called Onychophagia.For the development of this disease results in a series of emotional reasons.Stress in school, in college, at work, or an inadequacy, low self-esteem - the main causes of Onychophagia.

Onychophagia or desire to bite his nails or burrs - a disease.And the disease physicians are classified in line with the occupation of masturbation and smoking.

biting his nails: a habit or a temporary effect

habit of biting his nails - is the main symptom of disorders of normal human behavior.This habit is most often caused severe stress and strong emotional experiences a person because of a temporary nature.Nibble nails are often, especially in children of preschool and primary school age.So, according to statistics, 34% of children bite their nails.Although this disease has different reasons, which in some cases justify such action, but still nibble nails - it is a bad habit that speaks about violation of human behavior patterns.

nibble nails dangerous, it can cause serious health problems.Under the nails accumulates a large number of bacteria and germs that enter the oral cavity and can cause dangerous infectious diseases and helminthic invasion.

Why man bites his nails

habit of biting his nails - it is primarily a symptom of increased nervousness of the person, the manifestation of his anxiety.So the body reacts to stressful situations.It is a certain kind of psychological protection.

There are several causes of nail biting.

  1. reaction to conflict.This reason is more characteristic of children whose parents are very strict and include a show excessive care.freedom of the child is very limited in these situations.
  2. Masochism.Some scientists have determined the habit of biting his nails as the initial stage of masochism.Children like to cause yourself pain.However, they did not experience any discomfort.
  3. insecurity.In most cases, when a person has a habit nibble nails, he has the internal conflict, which is caused by difficulties in communicating with people.
  4. Heredity.There is a medical theory that nail-biting is also transmitted genetically.
  5. reaction to stressful situations.Bite their nails in order to think better, to relax at elevated nervousness.
  6. aggression directed at themselves.The person who bites his nails, gnawing at himself and engaged in self-flagellation and self-blame.
  7. sometimes brittle nails can also cause this negative habit.

Often during nibble nails and damaged skin and nail holes at their fingertips.Man is capable of as long nibbling fingers until blood appears.Nail-biting occurs most often in children of 4-5 years, rarely in adolescents, even more rarely in adults.

How to get rid of the habit of biting his nails

In order to get rid of this habit is not enough just to ban a man biting his nails: it is necessary that he wanted it.In addition, some restrictions will not solve the problem, because in this case will go to fight only with the symptoms, not the causes.

Here are some ways to get rid of nail biting.

  1. If the cause of the alarm is a habit, it is necessary to conduct behavioral therapy, implying a collision with a variety of frightening situations, to get acquainted with various methods of control over emotions.You may want to carry out medical treatment with the use of sedatives.
  2. If a person chews on nails because of their fragility, you should take strengthening the nail plate, you can use salt baths as well as containing calcium and other trace elements preparations.
  3. great way to fight nibble nails is to build the nail, covering them with acrylic or gel.
  4. You can use the tools that have an unpleasant taste, for the treatment of nails.
  5. It should seek help from loved ones, even if they are doing you a comment, if you notice a bad tendency to bite his nails.
  6. If you have a desire to bite his nails, you can do anything, turned his attention.

habit of biting his nails - it is not a sentence.From it you can get rid of, it is necessary to carry out some work on yourself, but may need the help of experts.

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