Depression in summer: 5 best ways to combat

July syndrome
summer depression: at risk - every second.We offer the most effective ways to deal with the July blues.

seems that summer - a carefree time, when all the problems and concerns as it shifted into the background, so bouts of depression and bad temper are rare.

In fact, summer depression - frequent enough phenomenon: it provokes hot weather, stuffy, and other external factors.

She especially prone to students who pass the entrance exam, the people who have to work all summer without a vacation, or those who have to complete rest is simply no money.

If you, too, from time to time there are seasonal attacks spleen, follow these tips.

1. Arrange a mini-vacation over the weekend

select the country.For example, in a holiday home, which you have recommended friends.

think that it will not afford it?travel costs are not commensurate with the new emotions and experiences, you earn after spending 2 days alone with nature.So Treat travel as psychotherapy, which you need.

2. Walk at a fast pace

Even if you're terribly tired, do not rush immediately after work or home exam (stuffiness in the transport and subsequent interview with TV vivacity not add) - better to go to the nearest park: walking outdoors in a fastrelax the pace is much more effective.

3. Enroll in courses

Catch the moment - in the summer you can get new knowledge with quite a substantial discount!Enroll in English courses, learn web design or learn to sing, with strong motivation can be done any dream.

4. Work outdoors

If there is an opportunity to work remotely, go to the park with a laptop or tablet (do not forget to bring a mat or towel).So you can combine business with pleasure: sunbathing on the grass, and print a report for the current project.

5. Allow yourself to be frivolous

Buy yourself open dress, make a bright manicure.Take a vacation from everyday problems, trouble at work and allow yourself to relax at 100%, because you deserve it!

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