hip fracture : life goes on

hip fracture
hip fracture - is a serious injury, usually occurring in people over age group suffering from severe osteoporosis.But even after this many diseases restore health and motor activity.

In elderly people the processes of bone resorption processes prevail over its synthesis, so in patients with hip fracture much less likely to complete and natural fusion of the bones.

Despite the severity of the injury, patients can rely on the recovery of motor abilities.Some of the doctors recommend that patients spend hip replacement.

Often, because of the general health of the patient and the impossibility of carrying out the operation, prescribe a complex of rehabilitation measures to help improve bone tissue regeneration and prevent the occurrence of complications that may arise as a result of a sedentary lifestyle after fracture - trophic disorders in the soft tissues, the development of muscle atrophy, thrombophlebitis, etc.

Eliminating pain

the first time after an injury it is important to ease the pain.Used

painkillers and sedatives.The body position of the patient must be such that when it experiences minimal pain.

To do this, use special orthopedic fixation devices, reducing pain due to stabilization of the damaged hip joint and pelvis.The patient should be on an orthopedic bed.

Hygienic care

In addition to maintaining the purity of the body, the need for prevention of bedsores using special devices and massagers.

hardware or hand massage

Massage can not only partially make up for lack of blood supply to the healthy parts of the body due to forced inactivity, but also to reduce the pain in the affected limb, to improve in her blood circulation, reduce swelling and prevent the development of complications (bedsores, thrombophlebitis, appearancetrophic ulcers).


Given the condition of the patient, the doctor selects an individual set of exercises that the patient will be able to perform on their own or with the help of the person caring for them.This provides the maximum possible load on the muscles of the limbs and body healthy.

When the elements of callus and for the prevention of osteoporosis gradually loaded and the injured limb.When the exercise is used for supporting the femoral neck brace.

Physiotherapy Physiotherapy in many cases to reduce pain, improve blood circulation and innervation in diseased limbs, as well as prevent the development of complications.Social rehabilitation

paramount importance for patients with hip fracture has the support of loved ones, because successful treatment with the restoration of motor activity is possible only with a positive attitude of the patient.

As a rule, patients with hip fracture not only suffer from pain, but from the forced inactivity, restrictions on contacts with the outside world.At first, the patient is completely dependent on caregivers of people behind him.Therefore, many mood decreases sharply, there is apathy and depression, has been a sharp decline in interest in life, irritability and emotional, disturbed sleep and appetite.

In some cases, doctors are advised to seek the advice of a psychologist relatives of the patient, as well as, if available, to invite him to the therapist, the patient diversify leisure time, set it in a positive way.

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