Underarm Sweating : what to do

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, caused by disturbances in the nerve endings.Failure of nerve endings work leads to a false alarm at sweating.Hyperhidrosis is ill about 1% of the population.

response to emotions, the nervous system speeds up heart rate, increases blood pressure and sweat glands begin to secrete sweat.This is an absolutely normal reaction.When intense sweating hyperhidrosis can start even with a little excitement man.This condition becomes pathological.

symptoms of hyperhidrosis

most common form of this disease is axillary hyperhidrosis, or sweating armpits.Hyperhidrosis is accompanied by an unpleasant smell, which certainly gives the patient and others and discomfort.However, the disease is unpleasant not only because of the external manifestations.

Sweating creates favorable conditions for the development of pyogenic and fungal flora as a result of swelling and softening of the skin and changes its level of acidity, so often associated with hyperhidrosis and other skin diseas


The diagnosis can be set on the basis of complaints and inspection data.After examination by a doctor and determine the cause of hyperhidrosis, you can choose the most appropriate and effective remedy for this disease.

Traditional treatment of hyperhidrosis

There are about two dozen methods of hyperhidrosis treatment.They can be divided into two large groups - the conservative and surgical.

Traditional methods of treatment are reduced to the application of cosmetics or antiperspirants to receive into various pharmaceuticals general inhibitory effect.This scheme alleviates the symptoms of the disease but can not rid the patient of it completely.

Surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis

surgical methods for the treatment of hyperhidrosis are more effective.

most commonly for the treatment of hyperhidrosis surgically using curettage axilla.During this scraping operation is carried out zone located where sweat glands, internally.The result is a destruction and damage of small nerves sweat glands.An improvement curettage is videoassistentsiya allowing some to reduce the chance of bruising and fluid buildup in the postoperative period.

Another common treatment is the axilla liposuction: removing underarm fat is performed using a small tube that is inserted through pinhole.The destruction of the sympathetic nerves leads to disruption of nerve impulses flow to the sweat glands.This method is more fully shown patients.

more expensive method of treatment is ultrasonic liposuction.The method is widely used in plastic surgery and liposuction allows more fully with a few smaller injuries.

Traditional methods of treating hyperhidrosis

When excessive sweating armpits and other body parts are recommended wiping decoction of willow and oak bark and lemon juice.They contain astringent tannins and narrow pores of the skin.

also use the infusion of young walnuts into taking decoctions of sage, chamomile, which contribute to the strengthening of the nervous system.

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