Ear -nose-throat : seasonal exacerbation

Vladimir Zaitsev
In autumn doctors observe the seasonal outbreak of ENT diseases.To learn how to maintain the health of the off-season, in an exclusive interview VitaPortalu tells PhD, Otolaryngologist Vladimir Zaitsev.

- Vladimir, in the summer you have less work than in the autumn and winter?

- I can not say that the ENT diseases are highly seasonal.In the summer, they come to us not less, but the disease is, of course, have their own seasonal specificity.In summer, during the holiday season, often deal with the outer or middle ear diseases, a lot of applications with cerumen that bathing in the waters swell and close the ear canal, resulting in an obstruction and inflammation of the ear.Often faced with aerootitami - inflammation of the middle ear and the external auditory canal, obtained during air travel.Well and sinusitis.While bathing in water bodies especially with the "standing" water people irrigate the nose and other departments, thereby saturate the microbial flora of maxillary sinuses and other nas

al and paranasal sinuses becomes inflamed - sinusitis.

- Irrigation saltwater nose - it's a well-known method of treatment?It's a delusion?

- For nasal lavage should be treated very carefully.Not any water suitable for this purpose.Important and its purity on the microflora and salt composition.For example, the Black Sea in Russia and Bulgaria are absolutely not suitable for this purpose.Or dead sea Israel - the same thing.A Cretan Sea, Greece is well suited for this purpose.In short, there are nuances, which are fraught with very unpleasant consequences.

- So the offseason begins.Rainfall, temperature drop ... otolaryngologists have more work?

- Of course, the autumn-winter period, otolaryngologists the most busy season.Lately there has been a sharp temperature drop, the body does not have time to be reconstructed in the autumn and winter, immunity decreases, and the problem starts with the ENT - aggravated tonsillitis, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, sore throat and other ENT diseases.

Furthermore autumn all return from holidays, schoolchildren and students end vacation - in public transport, the metro is sharply increased the number of people and, therefore, increases the risk of contracting viral infections that trigger ear infections, throat and nose.

- How to minimize the risk of getting the disease?

- prevention measures are quite simple and accessible to everyone.Firstly, it is adequate clothing: do not need to get wet in the rain, walking in the shoes get wet quickly.Secondly, it is necessary to support the body with vitamins - now many natural fruits and vegetables, but do not interfere with the course of tablets and multivitamins, which has all the necessary structure for daily use.And the third - adequate rest: the body must recover after a day, you need to get enough sleep, eat right, well, in general, they say, take care of yourself.But this is a question of the culture of our attitude to their health.It is clear that with gauze bandages, we are not very used to move around the city, but, for example, oxolinic ointment, which is still one of the most effective antiviral agents - lubricate the initial parts of the nasal cavity - available to everyone.

- By the way, about the culture and the attitude towards their health.What erroneous beliefs patients often have to deal ENT doctor?

- I am always surprised by people for whom runny nose - this is normal.A person can get sick a month, change a few handkerchiefs a day and take no action.Otsmorkalsya continue to go!Just think, green snot - will somehow!But this is a serious (purulent) stage or sinusitis etmoidita, with purulent discharge, which without treatment ENT doctor or "hroniziruetsya", or will lead to even more serious complications!As a result, the patient brings herself to severe pain in the maxillary sinus when remove mucus accumulations possible only by means of a puncture.

way, there is a mistaken belief - constantly hear about from patients, - if you make a puncture of the maxillary sinus, it will develop chronic sinusitis, and you will do it all the time.This is an absolute myth!Chronic sinusitis is not developing because of a puncture, and by delays in treatment for ENT doctor.And if we look at the time, spend a good treatment, then sinusitis go away completely.

- When ailments, colds, we often resort to self-medication.What are the treatments in your opinion are unacceptable?

- I am interested in folk medicine and in the early stages and a lot of people's methods are good for prevention.But I always advise people to consult a doctor.

What methods of self unacceptable?First of all, the different ways that warming of the paranasal sinuses.People love when applied to nose congestion hot eggs, bags of buckwheat and something there still.Not knowing that the heating is not always conducive to recovery.Thermotherapy can be used only after consultation with your doctor, and if the investigation shows that there is no purulent process.Otherwise, heat mucosal pus causes reabsorption into the bloodstream.It should be understood that ENT diseases - is the head of the disease.At the head of the most powerful hemodynamics, the number of vessels per unit area is the largest, so the bad and wrong treatment quickly may develop septic condition.

Second, this self-removal of cerumen.I do not happen at the reception of the week without the injured patient during this process eardrum.A common case: the man put a cotton swab into the ear and forgot about it, and on top threw a towel on her head to dry hair, and abruptly broke the eardrum.I meet with similar curiosities permanently.More

now become popular fitosvechi that supposedly completely melted sulfur mass.I encourage all to treat them with great care.When using fitosvechey strongly dries the ear drum, and can subsequently be formed perforation - a hole that is delayed by yourself in a very small percentage of cases.And effective in removing sulfur mass is very doubtful - well clean the ear can only ENT physician with special tools and under the control of.

Also, there is a belief that the bath - a good remedy for ENT diseases.This is not always the case.In diseases of the throat, in the sinus room definitely contraindicated.Banja excellent means of prevention, but the treatment bath can be only if it is approved by the ENT doctor or therapist.

In conclusion, I want to warn all parents.Never self-medicate children.Even if you feel that you are confident in the correctness of the diagnosis delivered by you - contact your pediatrician and consult with children's ENT doctor.

I wish you all good health!

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