How do allergy tests

How do allergy tests
allergoproby - only qualitative method of diagnosing and identifying the allergen.The samples are divided into direct, indirect and provocative.

allergoproby essence lies in the fact that the stimulus to which a person may be allergic to different ways into the body, and then evaluates reaction to the allergen administered.


to perform allergy tests are used a wide range of common allergens.To determine the cause of allergy patients administered preparations of pollen, wool and epidermis microparticles animals, house dust, insects and fungi, allergens from chemical, food and bacterial nature.

Depending on the mode of administration of allergen to conduct tests and subsequent analysis can last from several hours to several days.

technology allergoproby

Before you do an allergy test, the doctor examines the data on the development of allergies and identify the supposed group of allergens.Test preparations with the stimulus applied to any pre-made small scratches on the wrist, or subcutane

ously injected.

often test for the same allergen is carried out using different concentrations of irritating substances.Redness, rash, or swelling, testifying to an allergic reaction, recorded, and analyzed.


blood test for antibodies - is the first allergotest, which makes the patient.With such a test for allergies can determine the type of allergy.Blood tests do not develop any allergic reactions in the patient and therefore virtually no contraindications.They are recommended for any form of allergy.

Direct skin allergy tests

allergens are introduced into the micro-scratches on the skin of the patient.Usually performed once for about twenty samples.Skin reaction indicates what kind of stimulus load.This test is sufficiently long allergy - sometimes takes more than a day, during which the patient is in the hospital under observation.The positive reaction to the allergen believe redness, swelling or peeling of the place where the allergen was applied.coating at its response should exceed 2 mm.Indirect

skin allergoproby

When conducting dermatological indirect human sample is injected subcutaneously comprising stimulus and then administered serum sensitive to this type of allergy.After the reaction was concluded that specific allergen how dangerous for humans.

Provocative test

test provocative allergy prescribed if there is a mismatch of data allergy and dermatological tests.Among the provocative tests isolated conjunctive, nasal, if a person has been allergic rhinitis, and inhalation tests, which are performed at a bronchial asthma patient.

allergoproby children

procedure of trial in children is not different from that of adults.But there are age restrictions.Direct skin, indirect and provocative tests are not allowed for children under 3 years.Many doctors, allergists insist that allergies flowing smoothly, without serious relapses, such tests should not do it to 5 years, as the growing child's body can naturally change the reaction to the allergen.

Terms of sample

Precondition analysis - remission of the patient.Allergy sample taken not earlier than 30 days after the preceding exacerbation of allergic reactions.

any reaction may occur in the course of allergy tests.In this connection, tests for allergy are made only in specialized hospitals, where, in case of aggravation of the reaction physicians may provide emergency assistance.

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