Halitosis : bad breath

Halitosis : bad breath
Halitosis.What to do and how to get rid of bad breath.

prevalence of halitosis

Surprisingly, this problem is very common - about a quarter of the people who inhabit the earth, have bad breath (halitosis), and themselves may not even know about it.

Although it is possible to easily carry out the test and check it out:

  1. One way - to breathe on a piece of glass and then inject their own "flavor".
  2. second - scrape the tongue with a cotton swab.This smell is the smell of your mouth.

reasons halitosis

Here are some reasons why breath can smell bad:

  • 90% to blame improper cleaning of teeth and tongue - like brush and floss.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the mouth (gums, teeth).
  • Tobacco.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the throat and upper respiratory tract.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Some endocrine diseases (diabetes with a characteristic odor - the smell of acetone).
  • xerostomia - a characteristic of insufficient supply of the mouth saliva.
  • treatment of certain drugs that trigger excessive drynes
    s of the mouth.

How to get rid of halitosis

If halitosis triggered by some physical illness, a person usually knows about them and treated by appropriate specialists.If he has gastritis or dyspepsia - a gastroenterologist if frequent pharyngitis or chronic sinusitis - from an otolaryngologist, and so on.That is, initially it is important to cure the underlying disease.and halitosis will take with him.

Xerostomia requires constant gargles and meticulous oral hygiene - that saliva washes away bacteria, and in the case of permanently dry mouth bacteria multiply exponentially and the products of their life just identify the smell.

If the cause of halitosis inside the mouth

It should still refer to the dentist.He will check:

  • whether you have gum disease,
  • carious teeth,
  • Do not accumulate food debris and plaque in the gingival pockets.

If diagnosed, you will get adequate treatment.If your problem is that you do not know how to properly clean the mouth, the doctor will explain the nuances.But they are so elementary that we can bring them here.

  • Frequently brushing your teeth, if you have halitosis.
  • have on the toothbrush and an antiseptic mouthwash.
  • special attachment on the brush to clean the tongue, gums and palate.
  • clean the space between the teeth of wax mint floss.
  • Use deodorization mouth sprays Antibacterial.
  • gum may help, but for a short time, because it contributes to slyunoobrazovaniyu, so leaching bacteria.

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