Treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome

Treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome
The choice of tactics of treatment of restless legs syndrome remains controversial.Many experts believe that it is enough exercise, while others believe that the problem is much deeper and requires a comprehensive approach.

The treatment of restless legs syndrome depends on the severity of symptoms.In mild form may have a significant effect of regular exercise and enough sleep.Drug therapy may be imposed only if the symptoms are such that they lead to sleep disturbances and scratching their way of life.

Also do not forget that the symptoms might occur as a result of another disease.In this case, it is necessary to find and treat the underlying cause.For example, restless legs syndrome can occur as a result of iron deficiency.And then you just have to fill the deficiency of iron in the body.

initial phase of treatment

Daily walks, regular exercise, a contrast shower, massage, as well as cessation of smoking and caffeine can significantly reduce the incidence and severity of symptoms.

Restless legs syndrome arising during pregnancy, usually held soon after birth (usually within a few days).The doctor may recommend with conservative treatment.For example, regular exercise and stretching.

children with restless legs syndrome drug treatment at the early stages of the disease is rarely prescribed.Instead, they recommend regular moderate exercise and restful sleep.If the treatment is not effective, your doctor may prescribe medications that increase the amount of dopamine in the brain cortex.In most cases this reduces the symptoms and allows sleep at night.

Supportive therapy

If symptoms are mild, the patient is able to control the discomfort through constant physical exercise.

If symptoms can not be controlled, to prevent involuntary movements during sleep doctor prescribes certain medications, among which may include sedative-hypnotics.

If the condition worsens

If symptoms persist even with treatment and regular exercise, the patient is advised to go to a proper diet, lose weight, stop smoking and caffeine.Sometimes symptoms of restless legs deterioration may cause deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals.Therefore, if the treatment can not completely get rid of the symptoms of the patient, a more detailed examination to identify the true cause of the syndrome.

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