20 myths about breast cancer

20 myths about breast cancer
Each year breast cancer ill 1 million women.Facts and myths about breast cancer.

This terrible disease is surrounded by many myths.Consider how they correspond to reality.

№1 Myth: Breast cancer affects only those women whose relatives have suffered from this disease

In fact, about 70% of women with breast cancer confirmed had no predisposing risk factors for this disease.However, in women with a family history of breast cancer, whose grandmother, mother, sister or daughter had breast cancer, the chances of developing the disease are doubled.The risk increases even more if there were more such families.

№2 Myth: Wearing a bra increases the risk of breast cancer.

assumption that wearing underwear compresses the lymphatic vessels and leads to the accumulation of toxic substances in breast tissue is completely unscientific.It can lead to breast cancer, as well as any other clothing or underwear may not be conducive to the development of this terrible disease.

Myth №3: surgery on the mammary gla
nds can cause breast cancer.

Scientific studies have confirmed that surgery does not affect the risk of development and spread of breast cancer.During surgery, your doctor may find that the cancer has damaged a greater volume of tissue than previously thought, but that does not mean that the cause of this was the operation itself.Experiments on animals have shown that surgery can increase the risk of metastasis, but these data have not been confirmed in studies in humans.

Myth №4: Silicone implants increase the risk of breast cancer.

Scientists have shown that the risk of developing breast cancer is the same in women with silicone implants without them.However, the efficiency of diagnosis of breast cancer using mammography is significantly reduced in women with these implants.

№5 Myth: antiperspirants use increases the risk of breast cancer.

The composition of some antiperspirants include parabens have estrogenic activity.However, this activity is very weak and does not affect the development of breast cancer that was confirmed by many studies.

№6 Myth: Women with small breasts rarely develop cancer.

There is no significant correlation between breast size and tissue susceptibility to malignant degeneration.Women with large breasts really hard to spend quality manual inspection, assess the results of mammography and MRI studies that may hinder early diagnosis.But according to statistics, the risk of developing breast cancer is the same for all women, regardless of body size.

№7 Myth: Breast cancer always shows enlarged lymph nodes.

enlarged lymph nodes near the breast may indicate the presence of cancer, but it is not the only sign of disease.Women should be careful to seal in the breast, nipple discharge, change in color and smoothness of skin of the breast, pain in the chest, the appearance of the nipple indrawing.The absence of enlarged lymph nodes does not mean the absence of cancer.Their presence indicates that the process has begun metastasis.With mammography can detect the disease at an early stage, before showing any symptoms of injury.

№8 Myth: Women after mastectomy for breast cancer development is impossible.

Doctors say breast cancer in women who have had to remove the breast.Some women insist on having prophylactic mastectomy to prevent breast cancer in the future.However, there are clinical oncology patients who became ill breast cancer after its removal.

№9 Myth: Cancer inheritance from his father the woman does not matter

cases of breast cancer in the father's family and the patients mothers have the equivalent value in risk assessment.Moreover, it is necessary to consider all cases of cancer in family members, including prostate cancer and colon in men.

№10 Myth: Coffee can cause breast cancer.

the confirmed There is no relationship between the consumption of caffeine-containing beverages and the development of breast cancer.Moreover, some scholars hold the opposite point of view, they believe that coffee reduces the risk of developing this disease.

№11 Myth: If you're already at risk, then you have no way to help

Some measures can protect a woman from breast cancer, including the correction of excess weight and obesity, regular exercise, limiting alcohol consumption, regular selfand performing mammography can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.Also it does not hurt to give up smoking.Some women decide on a preventive mastectomy, it reduces the risk of cancer by 90%.

№12 Myth: Regular exposure during mammography increases the risk of cancer for

mammography uses radiation emissions, but the amount is small and quite dangerous.In addition, thanks to this study, doctors may suspect cancer in its early stages, and it is of great importance for the patient.The earlier the cancer treatment will be started, there are more chances of the patient cope with the disease and survive.

Myth №13: a needle biopsy promotes cancer process.

This view is erroneous.In 2004, the American Association of Oncologists was conducted extensive research refuting the impact of the diagnostic procedures for breast cancer.

№14 Myth: If a mammogram showed no change, then you no longer have to worry

The effectiveness of mammography is only 90%, which means that each 10sluchay breast cancer is not diagnosed.This means that mammography should be carried out regularly, every six months, and every month to carry out a self-test.

Myth №15: Complete removal of the breast is a more effective treatment than conserving surgery followed by a course of radiotherapy.

Efficiency and order, and other comparable treatment, according to research by the 5-year survival of patients.However, in some types and stages of breast cancer only option of treatment is total mastectomy.

№16 Myth: Being overweight has no effect on breast cancer

Scientists have proved that overweight and obesity increase the risk of breast cancer, especially if the woman is postmenopausal his life or a significant increase in body weight occurred recently.

№17 Myth: Infertility increases the risk of cancer

Scientists still can not come to a consensus on this issue.Some research says in support of this myth, others say the opposite.Because, truthfully say whether infertility treatment affects a history of breast cancer risk is not possible.

Myth №18: Power lines near your home increases the risk of breast cancer

in 2003 was recorded outbreak of incidence of breast cancer in women of New York's Long Island.Scientists have suggested that this is due to a dense network of electric wires in this part of town, but a statistical study refuted this hypothesis.

№19 Myth: Abortion was made earlier to increase the risk of developing breast cancer

This is misleading.Yes, abortion leads to serious hormonal changes in a woman's body, and breast cancer is a hormone-.But science, this relationship is not confirmed.

№20 Myth: Breast cancer can be avoided if you try

Unfortunately, no.The only thing we can do is to change your lifestyle and regular visits to the doctor, to pass examinations in the clinic, or to carry out a self-test to detect this deadly disease in its early stages and begin treatment.Early diagnosis and prompt treatment increases the chances of a doctor and patient success.

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