Chronotherapy : treatment time

Chronotherapy : treatment time
If you take the medication in accordance with the biological clock of the body, which increases their efficiency.A little about chronotherapy.

Chronotherapy involves treatment of the traditional scheme conventional drugs, but taking into account the time of day, and thus the biological rhythms of the human body.

number of factors that can affect human health is enormous.Earth turnover period of revolution around the Sun, the Moon around the Earth, as well as motion in their orbits of the planets of the solar system, approaching, then receding from the Earth - all this is in the human body decline and increase in activity, a decrease and an increase in pressure, as well as activation and inhibitionall life processes (digestive, metabolic, etc.).In addition to the motion of celestial bodies and changing the time of day a person affects the solar and lunar activity, change of seasons, the atmospheric pressure, and many other processes.

Man intuitively lives in accordance with their biological rhythms.I

f he breaks them (for example, sleeping during the day and at night awake), then part of the so-called state of jet lag, which could lead to a weakening of physical and mental health.

history chronotherapy

the first time doctors have compared the natural rhythms and the rhythms of the human body in the 60-ies.Patients with rheumatoid arthritis were appointed steroids early in the morning, according to the time of the most active production by the body.The experiment showed a significant improvement in the therapeutic effect, which gave further course of the method.Indeed, any organ, or healthy patient depends on the natural rhythms as well as the intensity and generation of biochemical substances: enzymes, hormones, transport molecules and delivering the drug to the target organ.That is why chronotherapy able to greatly improve the performance of the therapy.

Chronotherapy.Medication time

  • the evening (20.00 - 21.00), better to take probiotics and antihistamines (anti-allergy).
  • night (22.00 - 23.00) - the best time for receiving caffeine drugs for people with permanently reduced pressure.
  • At the end of the night (4.00 - 5.00 am) a person with insulin-dependent form of diabetes need to inject insulin.
  • Early in the morning (6.00 - 7.00) in patients with hypertension should take a drug that lowers blood pressure.

In any case, it should be remembered that chronotherapy is only an auxiliary tool for the treatment, but not a panacea.It is also important that the medication reception hours should designate a doctor.

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