Kinetoses why we swayed and what to do

Kinetoses why we swayed and what to do
kinetoses Statistics suffers 5-10% of the population, most of them children, adolescents and young adults.

Symptoms of motion sickness include nausea until vomiting, dizziness, weakness, nausea, cold sweats that arise when traveling on any form of transport, swing rides, escalators, etc.

reason for such a reaction - an inadequate job of receptors of the vestibular apparatus, the small complex.authority located in the inner ear.Also plays a role of receptor response muscles and skin, visual as well as receptors of the mucous membranes of the digestive tract.They all react to body movement in space, the displacement of internal organs and "flashing images" before his eyes.

Treatment kinetosis

Methods of successful treatment of this disease is not present, you can only try to reduce its symptoms.In case of too strong of its manifestations should be examined to check whether you have other neurological diseases.

People suffering kinetoses, recommended class sports, combining running with the accel

eration and jumping (soccer, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics), as well as cycling, skiing, dancing.You can try to train on a swing.

How to prepare for the trip

Before the trip in any case can not eat a lot, but do not leave your stomach empty.Limit yogurt, light sandwiches, vegetables, fruit or cereal.If the road is long, with a cost to take a light meal.Before the trip, you should not drink whole milk with the gas and beverage, drink alcohol or smoke.Night's sleep.

have to choose a place in the middle of the passenger compartment in the truck, where pitching is always minimal.Do not sit against the traffic, keep an eye out for flickering outside objects, read or do some minor manipulation (embroidery, solving crossword puzzles, a mobile game).It is best to tilt his head on the head rest and relax, eyes closed or looking ahead to the horizon (if you sit in the front seat in the car).

facilitate travel in the case of kinetosis possible and with the help of drugs, which are sold in pharmacies.They are able to inhibit the hyperactivity of the vestibular structures and thereby prevent motion sickness.

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