Özen " fetid coryza "

Özen " fetid coryza "
Many people over the years suffer from this rare disease, experiencing difficulties in social adaptation and communication.And its treatment is quite simple and requires only to see a doctor.All about Ozen.

disease of the nasal mucosa, in which gradually atrophy mucosa and bony wall of the nasal cavity, called ozena or "fetid rhinitis."It is accompanied by the formation of a permanent specific exudate dries up in vast fetid crusts, densely covering the entire inside of the nose.From them comes a strong unpleasant smell.

disease tend mostly to women.It usually begins in adolescence and can occur for many years, and sometimes for life, sometimes extending to the nasopharynx, larynx and trachea even.

Symptoms ozeny

  • dry nose;
  • nasal congestion;
  • inner nasal cavity packed with crusts;
  • almost complete absence of the sense of smell;
  • peculiar smell coming from the patient, which, however, he does not feel;
  • in the propagation of the disease in the larynx and trachea - hoarseness and a dry throat.


Scientists still have not established the exact cause of the disease.However, there are various assumptions, such as:

  • congenital anatomical features of the structure of the nose (nasal cavity too wide);
  • destruction and regeneration of the mucous membranes of the nose, as it were "spoiled" by publishing an unpleasant odor;
  • violations process and power sharing of internal tissues of the nose;
  • infection;
  • local disturbance of conduction of nerve impulses.

Treatment ozeny

First of all, for the treatment of ozeny applied conservative treatment to remove the crusts in the nose, dryness of mucous mitigate and eliminate unpleasant odors.The doctor cleans the nasal cavity with antiseptic solutions or weak places in the nasal passages tampons, softening the crust and contribute to their removal.The patient can not wash out the nasal passages on their own, as there is a risk that the liquid gets into the ear and cause inflammation.

Surgical treatment is surgical reduction and narrowing of the nasal cavity.When tissue damage occurs surgeon powerful process of regeneration, a new connective and vascular tissue and mucous glands increase in size and begin to function better, providing a natural cleaning and washing the nasal cavity.

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