Tasty Steak : Secrets cooks

Tasty Steak : Secrets cooks
steak - it's not just a piece of roasted meat.This delicious steak is produced only from beef.Equally important is the technique of roasting, and the dish turned out not only the canonical, but also delicious, you should use the secrets of the chefs.

Selection and preparation of meat for the best steak

For a delicious steak is preferable to choose the meat dark red color with white and firm to the touch outer layer of fat, as well as high-marbled - lots of fatty layers.

Most chefs are left on the surface of the steak outer layer thickness of 0.5-0.6 cm. This helps moisten and soak the meat during cooking.

desirable to use pieces from the back side and the outer part of the hip.The quality of the steak being prepared, no less depends on the age of the animal: the younger the meat, so it tastes better.

If you can not acquire the juicy parts of the carcass, you can cook a steak from thigh.But in this case it is desirable to pre-marinate the meat for mitigation.It is advisable not to use this vinegar

and choose the wine or lemon juice: they soften the fibers and will provide a delicious steak.

required before treatment is cut film with meat, and if you are using is not the best part of the carcass, then you need to follow, and in the absence of tendons.

important point is right on the cutting portions of steaks: it must be done strictly perpendicular to the fibers.

Delicious steaks should be 2.5 cm thick, ideal weight - 400 g Before frying the pieces must be dried with paper towels.

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Secrets of cooking delicious steak

is advisable to use a heavy frying pan (pan-grill).It must be a good warm up to prevent any smoke.

The pan is not necessary to add any oil: the fat from marbled beef will melt, and thanks to this technology in roasting steak is delicious, crispy crust.

pieces prepared meat laid out on a dry hot pan so that they do not touch each other.

Many chef fried steak on each side only once.The ideal level of roasting is considered average (medium).But on the Russian table, such a product is often perceived as underdone.

Focusing on your taste, you can increase the time of roasting on each side by 0.5-1 minute.

Approximate cooking time for steaks 2.5 cm thick:

  • blood - 1-2 minutes on each side;
  • Medium Rare - 3 minutes;
  • well done steak - 4-4.5 minutes.

To determine the degree of roasting, brought together the thumb and forefinger, try to touch the pad under the thumb - a similar elasticity will have a steak with blood.Unnamed and thumb together - pad will show an average degree of roasting, joined the little finger and give a great density of pads like fully roasted meat.

a higher degree of cooking to allow the taste of the steak is fully open for high marbled beef (lots of fat veins).

Inverting the pieces should be tongs, gently, taking care not to damage the surface.To salt the steaks should be at the end of cooking, the salt is not pulled all the juices from the meat.Instead of the usual rock salt chefs use sea salt coarse grinding.

After cooking you need to meat "rested" for several minutes.Serve steaks should be on warm plates with a light side dish.

Delicious steak

barbecue on an open fire good at average and strong degree of roasting.Roast tasty steak on the grill, then he is not only perfectly roasted, but it turns ribbed.

After grilling / barbecue servings desirable to bring in the oven until cooked for 8-10 minutes at a low temperature.This is especially true if the steaks are fried in the open air in winter.

This delicious steak from the chef (video)

That's offers to cook steaks star chef Gorodon Ramsay:

Used Video: YouTube.com / BrainDown

Steak Striploin

For 2 servings you will need:

  • 800 g of beef;
  • 2 sprigs of thyme and rosemary;
  • salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.

Prepare portions of meat 2.5 cm thick, rub the pepper.After 10 minutes, pat dry and place steaks on a hot dry frying pan.Fry the pieces over high heat on both sides until browned (about 3-4 minutes).Put the meat "rest" on the wooden ring or plate.

For the sauce, take:

  • 10 g finely chopped shallot;
  • 100 ml beef broth;
  • 5 ml of olive oil;
  • sliced ​​fresh chili pepper pod without seed;
  • salt, ground black pepper to taste.

Chop shallots, quickly fry in olive oil.Add broth and boil the sauce until the volume is reduced by half (about 15 minutes).Add salt, pepper, both.Remove the sauce from the heat and pour into saucers.

Transfer meat to warmed plates to feed, garnish with sprigs of rosemary and thyme sauce served separately.

What better serve steak

Ideal steak combined with grilled vegetables, red sauce, pickled and marinated vegetables, baked potatoes and greens.And the place is various herbs: parsley, arugula, lettuce other.Tomatoes and cucumbers perfectly complement the taste of the classic steak.

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