Arthritis in mumps

When the "pig" affects the joints.

Mumps ( "pig") - an acute infectious disease caused by paramyxoviruses, is more common in children and affects the salivary glands, at least - other organs.

Features of development and manifestations of arthritis in mumps

  • Arthritis in mumps occurs in 0.5% of all cases, is 7 times more common in adult men, at least - in boys.
  • most often involved in the process symmetrical large joints, but sometimes there are lesions, and small joints of the hands and feet.
  • Arthritis usually occurs in the first two weeks of the disease, but it is very rarely possible and primary lesion of the joints.
  • arthritis duration can range from two weeks to several months.
  • other complications of mumps (pancreatitis, orchitis, etc.) Very often, along with arthritis in a patient developing.
  • If arthritis inflammation develops after the salivary glands, it is often accompanied by the beginning of the repeated intoxication symptoms: fever, general weakness, headache, swelling of one
    or both salivary glands.It is noted swelling of the joints, the accumulation in them effusion with limitation of motion and appearance of pain.At the same time the skin temperature over joints is increased, there is erythema (redness).
  • flow of arthritis at different mumps some variability and may be similar to rheumatoid arthritis: joint pain may be migratory, accompanied by stiffness, sometimes patients develop pericarditis.But usually, arthritis passes completely, in contrast to other complications, for example after many orchitis male sterility arises etc.

Diagnosis of arthritis in mumps.

major role in establishing the diagnosis of playing contact details ill patient with mumps patients, as well as the presence of high (four or more times) titer of antiviral antibodies.It is also used for the diagnosis of intradermal injection of antigen, followed by a sample transfer control from negative to positive.The presence of a positive result in the first days of the disease is evidence of prior mumps.

To clarify the status of the affected joints, identifying them intra-articular effusion carried ultrasound of the joints, radiographic changes in mumps usually absent.

arthritis Treatment of mumps.

Generally, treatment and arthritis, mumps and most symptomatic patients are hospitalized only for severe and complicated forms of the disease.But medical supervision during this period of the disease, even in the mild form of mumps necessary to prevent complications.

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