Most Russians do not consider soft drugs harmful

About 60% of citizens believe that they were all right ...

Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) presents the results of a study evaluating the effectiveness of a communication campaign to promote healthy lifestyles among the population of the Russian Federation, including the reduction ofconsumption of alcohol and tobacco in 2011.The study was conducted in the framework of the program "Healthy Russia".

Russians, as before, on the whole positive about the state of their health: 44% consider it good or very good, another 46% - satisfactory.Only 10% of respondents believe their health weak or very weak.Consistently high is the share of those who care about their health - is nearly two-thirds of Russians (65% of respondents).

Russians try to eat regularly, eat a variety of foods, eat fruits and vegetables.Several less common habit of regularly eat meals of fish, watch your weight, limit their salt intake, choose dairy products with reduced fat content, read the product label to know their str


One of the main bad habits of the Russian population is smoking - tobacco dependence is recognized today, 38% of Russians (last year - 40%), with most of them (24%) would like to get rid of it.Trends on the prevalence of other bad habits as a whole, the situation is repeated in 2010: no less common is the habit of eating at night (39%), as well as the abuse of a sweet (33%).

most consumed alcoholic drink in Russia is beer: drink it 61%, and at least once a week - every five (20%).Champagne, is the second popular drink at the same time is characterized by irregular consumption - the majority of those who use it, does it at least once a month (45%).About half of the respondents (47-50%) consume wine (dry, sweet, semi-sweet), and the frequency of consumption of vodka, whiskey, brandy is generally higher than the different wines - at least 1 time per month spirits drink 25% of respondents.

completely abandon the use of alcoholic drinks wants every ten Russians (10%).Another 12% of respondents reported their desire to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed.

The vast majority of respondents (88%) report that they never tried drugs.Of those who admitted to drug use, 6% indicated that they have tried some types of soft drugs, and another 2% - medicines without a prescription.At the same time 11% of Russians have recognized that among their relatives, friends and acquaintances there are people who use psychoactive substances or drugs, another 14% of respondents admit that possibility.

majority of Russians (79%) do not consider soft drugs are safe for health: 57% absolutely disagree with this statement, another 22% tend to disagree with him.

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