This threatens the development of hip osteoarthritis ?

chronic joint disease with lesions of the cartilage and bone growths, followed by inflammation of the surrounding tissue is called osteoarthrosis.

Osteoarthritis of the hip joint

chronic joint disease with lesions of the cartilage and bone growths, followed by inflammation of the surrounding tissue is called osteoarthrosis.Often it affects the large hips, carrying the maximum load of the motor.Osteoarthritis of the hip joint are sick more often women over 50 years old and former athletes.

prerequisites disease is stress on the joints because of overweight or associated with occupational factors, as well as trauma and endocrine disorders.Articular cartilage is important for the work of the musculoskeletal system.It provides elasticity and smoothness of the joints (depreciation) during movement.And especially important for cartilage callus formation in the healing of fractures.

Osteoarthritis of the hip joint

disease develops unnoticed, begins with a light crunch at movement and stiffness after r

est or sleep, and after exercise - back pain and weakness of individual muscle groups.As the disease progresses the pain lower back, sacrum and hip joints themselves become intense, worse after exercise.In these patients, after standing on your feet pronounced stiffness, it becomes longer and generally decreases the range of motion.Gradually, there is a deformation (bending) of the joints, atrophy (desiccation) muscles.

osteoarthritis Treatment starts with pain relief and reduce inflammation using nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): Ksefokam, ketorol, Voltaren.In some cases, treatment is necessary diprospanom or intra-articular administration of hydrocortisone, Kenalogum.Next, designate chondroprotectors, ie drugs, contributing to the restoration of cartilage: Don, terafleks, chondroitin sulfate.

widely used physiotherapy treatment: thermal treatments, UHF, electrophoresis, dynamic currents.Mandatory physiotherapy and massage.Recommended spa treatment.It is necessary to reduce the load on the affected joints by decreasing body weight, limiting walk, use crutches or a cane.

Previously it was believed that if a person has low back pain or osteoporosis, then it is no longer threatened with disease of the hip joint osteoarthritis, however, it proved that this is not the case in recent years.There is evidence that these diseases are not only often accompany each other, but also have common roots development.It is also shown that they are at the basis of lack of calcium, minerals and some vitamins (A, B1, B6, B15, Sun, C), as well as a reduced level of hormones that regulate the proper development of bone (osteogenesis).Because you need to promptly treat low back pain and other diseases of bones and joints, avoiding irreversible changes.

order to avoid the development of osteoarthritis of the hip joint is not enough to control your weight, avoiding injuries and increased load on the joint.It is important to stay active, maintain muscle tone all muscle groups, to spend more time in the fresh air, give up bad habits.It is important to have a diversified nutrition, positive emotional background, and resistance to stress.

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