Contact dermatitis : treatment

Contact dermatitis is caused by skin contact with an irritating substance.Moreover, if the development of the disease after such contact immune mechanisms involved, one speaks of allergic contact dermatitis which generally occurs more strongly and persistently over simple contact dermatitis.

manifestations of dermatitis depends not only on the strength and type of stimulus, but also on the defensive reactions of the organism, its degree of hypersensitivity to it.For acute dermatitis is characterized by redness, swelling of the skin in the lesion, rash with blisters erosion, oozing.The process is completed by peeling, sometimes remains pigmentation.From sensations characterized by pain, burning, tension of the skin, sometimes malaise, fever, functional disorders of the nervous system.

Treatment of allergic contact dermatitis system includes three principles: first of all - the elimination of the allergen or irritant, then - drug therapy of acute allergic manifestations of the disease and the third -gip

osensibilizatsiya (reduced hypersensitivity), diet and climate-in times outside of exacerbations.The most important thing - to stop the flow of the allergen into the body, suppress the patient's contact with him.If this fails, then all the other measures may be powerless.For example, if the allergic reactions caused by some kind of food, then it is necessary to exclude it from the diet.The best known food allergens: fish, eggs, chocolate, nuts, oranges, strawberries, eggs, honey.It is more difficult to eliminate cow's milk from the diet of small children if they have allergies, and replace it with soy.If an allergic reaction to medications is necessary to immediately stop taking the drugs in the future will never accept it.If the disease is associated with household allergens (house dust, synthetic finishing materials, animal dander, feather birds), then you need to try to change the conditions in the apartment, and to eliminate the greatest possible number of allergens.

One form of allergic contact dermatitis is photodermatosis arising from contact with sunlight.This usually affects the exposed areas of the body: face, neck, upper body, back of the hand.In milder forms of allergic contact dermatitis, topical treatment is prescribed corticosteroid ointments, creams after washing with antiseptic solutions foci.In more severe cases, appoint protivogistaminnye drugs (Peritol, Phencarolum, Telfast, sempreks, Zyrtec).For young children, issued protivogistaminnye drugs in drops and syrups, the selection of the drug produces a doctor.Medications have side effects and contraindications.Sometimes children is the reverse reaction - instead of the expected excitement drowsiness develops, in this case, the medicine can not give the child.Preference should be given to a new generation of drugs (erius, Zyrtec, etc.). - More effective and safer.

Treatment of contact dermatitis

Treatment of simple contact dermatitis - only outside, after the exclusion of contact with the allergen.It is to restore damaged skin.Problematic is the treatment of contact dermatitis on their hands.There are several reasons: either it is impossible to determine the allergen or delete it, or it is impossible to change jobs due to social reasons, or not possible to change the living conditions in which systematic irritate damaged skin of hands.In addition, contact dermatitis on the hands reduces the quality of life of the patient, so be sure to be appointed sedative (calming) therapy.

possible treatment of contact dermatitis folk remedies.A decoction of burdock roots in the form of compresses used for dermatitis and skin rashes, this tablespoon of shredded burdock roots pour two cups of boiling water, boil for 30 minutes, cooled and filtered.Rosehip oil or oil extract from the pulp of its fruit (karotolin) and St. John's wort oil is also used as a compress on the centers.To relieve symptoms of dermatitis may be used in the form of a series of wash herbs, dandelion, hops, centaury.A powerful tool of folk medicine is considered to be the bark of aspen.For dermatitis with weeping impose compresses from broth of powdered bark (1 tablespoon of bark pour 2 cups boiling water, boil for 20 minutes, cool, strain), and for damages to suhostyu- applied ointment: strong decoction of the bark of aspen - 1 teaspoon, domestic pork fat -1 tablespoon, mix thoroughly, stirring into a homogeneous mass.

When properly selected treatment of symptoms of contact dermatitis (any form) subside in about two or three weeks.For those patients who have contact dermatitis associated with professional duties, the disease becomes chronic.

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