Distance learning disabilities in Russian

Distance learning disabilities in Russian
Despite the rapidly evolving technology, discoveries, advances in medicine, the world is still not able to give a person's health.But the lives of disabled people in today's society can be brighter and more interesting than a few decades ago.In place of street barriers, life obstacles, bureaucracy and injustice can come unlimited communication, new opportunities and full life.This gives a chance including distance learning disabilities.

Distance Learning Disabilities: options

More recently, psychologists, doctors and government officials spoke of the need inclusive education of children with disabilities.That is proposed to include children with special needs in education with other children, and the process of education should be available to every child.

course, inclusive education has its advantages: children with disabilities are in a social environment, they have the ability to communicate, to express themselves, they learn to make friends, to afford a full education.Inclusive education is pos

sible in higher education.

But unlike the disabled distance learning for the implementation of inclusive education schools and universities require special technical equipment of buildings, stairs, classes, it is necessary to develop special training programs and, ideally, to provide people with disabilities personal assistant.

curriculum reform and redevelopment of premises often run into financial problems and bureaucratic obstacles.

As a result, the inclusive education in Russia is unavailable for the majority of people with disabilities.World practice proves the success of this type of training, however, foreign state and municipal educational institutions receive government funding for each child with a disability, so each institution is interested to develop favorable conditions and increase the number of such students.

In Russia, inclusive education is available in the Arkhangelsk, Vladimir, Leningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Novgorod, Samara and Tomsk regions.In Moscow, 47 schools are ready to accept children with disabilities.

Traditionally, learning disabilities was carried out in a correctional school.Early preschool correctional and pedagogical help prepare the child is able to learn in a regular school with other children.

There is also the option of home schooling where teachers come home to the child and conduct training on general or special program.This format allows you to get a high school diploma, but to get a higher education is not possible.But

disabilities living in small towns and villages, still remain limited in training opportunities.When traditional forms are not available, have the support of remote learning disabilities.

Features distance learning

Disabled In today's world there are so many options for the provision of educational services by means of communication - it's not just email, but also special messengers that allow you to communicate in real-time format.

To be successful distance learning center needs.The staff of this center will be to go with the student to communicate, provide jobs, check their performance.It is now possible online and group education, because teachers are always short, and with the help of modern multimedia teacher can arrange a virtual lesson for multiple students.Besides group training helps people with disabilities to socialize and communicate.

undoubted advantage is that distance learning centers are not in need of this material retrofitting buildings, because all learning occurs remotely.

In addition, this form of training allows you to engage people from a variety of regions and cities.That is, the distance learning disabilities blurs the boundaries and barriers.

To start training, is usually enough to have a computer, internet connection and a web camera (in some parts of the equipment provided for children with disabilities free of charge).

distance learning disabled, there are different forms of employment:

  • chat, when all participants of a class at the same time have access to information and to communicate in online chat;
  • web sessions, which are conducted with the help of remote lessons or test papers.

In the same way it is possible to carry out consultations with the teacher, laboratory work, to develop the skills of speech and listening.

Such mixed maximum distance learning brings him closer to traditional education, because it has an element of interactivity and group training.However, distance learning more individually directed to a particular student.

disabled person may be partly to plan activities, set goals and objectives in accordance with their capabilities and needs.Despite the geographical distancing and inability to attend educational institutions due to illness, disabled due to distance learning gets a quality education that combines the personal approach and methods of regular education.

Distance education in Russia is growing rapidly, not only in schools but also in universities.In contrast to the correspondence form of higher education, distance learning disabilities allows the student and teacher to communicate more often and more efficiently.

Thanks to modern technology the student can send a request directly to the teacher, who in turn can react quickly, to control and adjust the training.

topics, methods, and the amount of material being studied are selected individually, it allows you to build an effective system of training.The teacher can timely notice progress and learner preferences and help to realize the potential, the ability to develop.

Distance Learning Problems

disabled Unfortunately, with all the advantages of distance learning facilities, there are a number of system weaknesses.First, the organization of distance learning centers in schools or universities poorly worked out the psychological aspect of training.It is not only children but also adults in need of psychological help, support, encouragement and motivation.

Secondly, in spite of the rapidly evolving electronic textbooks practical technology for learning is still not enough.

Young children must first learn to deal with computers and other technical means.Sometimes you need to preparation of the parents or disabled relatives, and teachers need special training.Moreover, teachers must be trained not only to computer technology, but also to get acquainted with the psychological aspects of learning disabilities.

Not every family is able to buy all the necessary devices for distance education.

Distance learning in higher education costs money, and get free training desired profession even in the remote as it may be impossible.


Distance Learning: advances

in Moscow for more than ten years of distance learning works in the SEI Center for Education « technology training."In the center there are courses in different directions, including pre-service training courses.Training is conducted both individually and in groups of four.

Successful examples of remote learning disabilities exist in other regions, such as the Sakhalin region are several schools working on the principle of distance education, using the materials of "learning technology" Moscow Center.

Currently, many universities began to appear remote forms of training of persons with disabilities, and for a variety of specialties.As a rule, entrance exams are conducted with the help of computer-based testing.Higher education institutions offer disabled remotely receive humanitarian, technical education, to improve their skills or be retrained.

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