Low pulse : what to do

Low pulse : what to do
question of what to do if a low pulse, frequently asked cardiologists on internal consultation.However, often there are situations and when to go immediately to the reception is not possible.In this case, the useful general knowledge about what causes this condition and how to act.

bradycardia, or low heart rate sometimes can not affect human health.However, in combination with the reduced pressure slow heartbeat can cause serious consequences.

Low pulse: what it is and what it can be called

The average heart rate beats can vary from 55-60 to 90-100 beats per minute (at rest).To measure its frequency, you have to put two fingers to the carotid artery or the wrist.

Count the beats should be within 15 seconds.The result is multiplied by 4 - so it turns the pulse rate per minute.Example: 15 seconds - 15 strokes.Consequently, 60 = 15H4.

This pulse can be considered normal.Low heart rate is considered, the value of which - up to 50 strokes.This state is called bradycardia.The reasons for its occurrenc

e can be different:

  • heart disease (myocarditis, diseases) and nervous system (tumors, meningitis), the thyroid gland;
  • exhaustion, lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • weak condition of the body after the previously-borne diseases;
  • a state of shock;
  • hypothermia;
  • poisoning of various origins.

Low pulse: what to do

first step is to listen to yourself and see if there is some disturbing symptoms.


  • weakness, dizziness, nausea;
  • sharp pain in the chest, feeling of lack of oxygen;
  • appearance of perspiration, fainting, problems with vision.

If there is a significant part of the unpleasant symptoms, you should as soon as possible to go to a doctor or call an ambulance.

When is not possible to turn to professionals, can help the following measures.

  • coffee or green tea (or other drinks, which has caffeine)

This recommendation is due to the fact that caffeine increases the pressure, and with it, and your heart rate, but it is understood that a low heart rate may be combinedhigh pressure, in which case the caffeine is not the best solution.

  • Tonic liqueur (Ginseng, Guarana, Siberian ginseng)

Their effect is to increase the tone of the whole organism and blood pressure in particular, but work the same restrictions as with caffeine, because the pressure can rise, butpulse and is aligned.

  • Spicy foods (with red pepper, mustard or horseradish)

Seasonings this kind improve blood flow, which indirectly affects the heart rate, but we must understand that this measure is not appropriate for those who have problems with the digestive tract- so can cause an aggravation of diseases.

  • Physical activity

It so happens that the heart rate is low simply by low mobility (for example, after a dream or as a result of a long trip), in this case, can help light exercise or walking tour in the open air.

  • Gorchichnik

It must be attached to the right side of the chest, the heat will be a stimulator of blood flow, resulting in heart rate and normalized.

Of course, there are special drugs that help to solve the problem.It sympathomimetic holinoliticheskie and medicines that the doctor should prescribe.The uncontrolled use of these tools can be dangerous.

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