Otolaryngologist Natalia Hurwitz : Depending on naftizinovoy , a little kindness and cockroaches in the ears

Otolaryngologist Natalia Hurwitz : Depending on naftizinovoy , a little kindness and that
Otolaryngologist - medical specialty, in the opinion of the layman boring.No breathtaking diagnoses nor sensational discoveries, nor virtuous operations.But actually it is not so ...

On why it is impossible to clean the ears with cotton sticks than dangerous rinsing the nose and often do have to remove cockroaches from the ears, VitaPortalu told otolaryngologist and well-known blogger Natalia G. Horowitz.

Otolaryngologist doctor about the everyday life

- Natalia, that is a normal working day otolaryngologist?

- Day ENT doctor at the outpatient reception - this is usually the flow of patients, people are excited, with severe pain, worry.The most frequent diagnoses - this, of course, otitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, laryngitis and cerumen impaction.

The most important thing here is not only to preserve the concentration, but also to encourage, reassure, and someone and persuade to go to hospital if he refuses.

also come and people on readmission already joyful, relaxed,

recovering.And looking at either their happy faces, and he somehow become happier.

- deals otolaryngologist, but few people know about it What other diseases?

- I would like to mention some of the disease.It rhinophyma - pineal red nose, or nose bumpy growths.With this necessarily have to go to Laura.And in any case it is not necessary to wait to tighten.

or keloid scars on the ears - dense bumps can grow quite large, often occur after a puncture lobe.

It is treated surgically, simple operation, no need to be afraid.

ENT surgeon is also involved, such as droopy ears.It can also be corrected by surgery.

- with such mundane things as a runny nose or sore throat, rarely come to the doctor, preferring to be treated yourself.Do you think this is justified?How to recognize when not to do without medical care?

- Otolaryngologist in fact already healing complications after a cold - inflammation of the ear, nose and paranasal sinuses (of the maxillary sinus, probably all heard).If the cold too long, the temperature does not pass, amplify pain condition does not improve, then the therapist aims to Laura.

But not to meet with lorom, it is desirable to treat a cold home on sick leave, warm, with a cup of hot tea and a blanket.Now in fact often still on the run - go to work, passing buried nose drops on a break - this fall and those with sinusitis and otitis to us, and if we are no longer cope in the clinic, the aim in the ENT hospital.

would like to add that if the audiologist sends you to the hospital, do not give up, because he cares for you, so you do not become Chronicle.

audiologist or an ear-nose-throat?

ENT, otolaryngologist, an ear-nose-throat - all names that exist in the nation for one specialty.

Actually professional term - otolaryngologist.Part of it means just authorities, which treats the doctor, "GTR" - ear, "Reno" - the nose, "laryngo" - the larynx.

¬ęBut this is a narrow medical specifics, but it is more convenient for people to tell the short version of the name: ENT.And with a sore throat, I think, not really reprimand the receptionist "me to otorhinolaryngology."I do not like the name, does not hurt, the main thing is not the name, and the meaning of our profession. "

truth of the otolaryngologist: important tips

- Is there such a thing as naftizinovaya dependence?

- Alas, yes.In time I was surprised that these people, who are used to the daily use of drops, very much.They suffer from this problem for years, or even 10 years.At the same time they do not know what to do next.So over the years and continue to drip vasoconstrictor nasal drops - Naphthyzinum, Sanorin, tizin (they are now very much, only commercial names are different).

Most of these funds can not be used for more than 5 days!It is no coincidence instructed.If you use longer, there is a risk to get used to them, and they destroy the mucous membrane of the nose.As a result, a permanent swelling interferes with breathing.

If no drops in the nose, you can not breathe, sleep, be sure to go to the ENT doctor, and do not ask advice on the forums on the Internet.

Treat this condition is possible and necessary.If you do not help other methods, the most radical method - operation vasotomy.It was not terrible, terrible is not done in the nose through the nostrils (nose cut).The doctor simply crosses unnecessary expanded vessels

Fully breathe through the nose - this is happiness.From stuffy nose and brain work suffers, and bad mood.

- It has recently become popular to use nasal lavage with a cold, including with the help of various special devices.This is really effective, in the opinion of a specialist?

- Apparatus for home washing the nose for several years cause various disputes.Therapists like to assign, and Laura often discouraged, because it is a loram after therapists gets a large number of patients with flooded ears through nasal lavage (nose and ear are connected inside).

I tried on itself one such device, when the aching cold.I did everything according to instructions, if giving head, then not strong, smoothly, if you need to hold your breath, I'm delayed.I washed about 7 times, and only once the water came up a little unpleasant to the ear (inside), but that's because at the moment I still breathed in (which can not be done according to the instructions).

My conclusion is as follows.The device is nice, but the application for many people remains difficult (especially for children), and a clear implementation of the algorithm necessarily.That's why I come to loram with otitis straight after the unit.So, if you are not confident that you can do everything exactly, it is better to use other methods.

- How to choose the nose drops?Pharmacies huge choice, the price of 3 rubles to 300.

- Carefully read the instructions for the purchase.All drops have different time steps.And the ones that have a very short, 4-6 hours, adversely affect the ciliated epithelium of the nasal mucosa.It recently proved by scientists.

- It is believed that the last decades of frequent hearing problems, and the cause is the spread of gadgets - that people everywhere go in headphones with loud music.There is such a danger?

- The danger is, continuous listening to loud music every day for half an hour leads to hearing loss, it is confirmed by the study physicians at Harvard.In addition, the person who starts to lose hearing, starts making loud music with headphones, which exacerbates the situation.

Another problem is now - the so-called earpieces.This is such a tiny microscopic circle of metal, which is thrown into the ear to the eardrum.They are mainly students in the exam.Get then can not please everyone.Moreover, even a normal ENT in the clinic often can not help needed otohirurg, he has a special micro tools to extract.

- The most common horror story associated with the campaign to Laura, - a puncture in the sinus.whether other methods invented?

- Now there are no methods of sinus puncture, a lot of people they help, but I will not say that they are completely replaced by a puncture (puncture).In certain cases, the only method of puncture.Deteriorating despite the initiation of treatment, severe headache - all that is a threat to intracranial complications.In simple words, the breakthrough of pus in the brain.This is the most dangerous complication of sinusitis.

- In his blog you discourage people clean the ears with cotton sticks.This is really bad?

- Many people for some reason decided to clean the ears sticks every day and even prodelyvat such a procedure with the children.As a result - a huge number of patients in the study ENT doctor with cerumen.Okay adults, but that in 2 years the child has persistent cerumen ...

not tire of repeating, that the cotton swabs were invented as a cosmetic to touch up makeup.Cotton wool on them is wound too tightly, it is harmful.Suffice it after a shower with a towel gently wipe the entrance to the ear.That's all.Is not conducive to the formation of traffic jams by his own efforts.

From practice otolaryngologist

- Were there any unusual cases in your practice?

Once, for example, I had to pull out of a huge butterfly ear-Man welder.He worked in a dark room, and an ear to him abruptly flew moth, frightened glare.The poor young man walked around the day before made it to the doctor.He felt like a butterfly in the ear moves.Several times washed out of the ears of cockroaches.

- And what do you remember most?

- I led the women's ward in the department, and we received a woman - PhD, lecturer from the nearby university.Very energetic and positive, despite the disease, eventually started to help the entire ward.

Someone needed rare drops, they simply run to the pharmacy.Lonely grandmother forgot the house slippers, she asked her relatives to bring her.One woman was apathetic, in a bad mood, so our teacher picked it up, and with it went to physiotherapy.

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They then looked me in the staffroom - two smiling friends.And this week a miracle which had happened in my women's ward, women have become close-knit, cohesive, all the time in a good mood.Soon, all they recovered and were discharged home.

We must not forget about this in our difficult time, one small kindness begets another, as they say, "one small candle to light capable of thousands of others."

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