Why back pain : 10 Reasons

Why back pain : 10 Reasons
Back pain - is the scourge of our time.Today, humanity is interested in a healthy lifestyle, and all kinds of yoga classes, developing flexibility of the body, no one is surprised.However, back pain like everywhere accompany the people of our age.Why back pain - this will be discussed in this article.

Many tend to turn a blind eye to their own illness as long as the pain will not be impossible to endure.In particular, in the case of periodic discomfort, which is not always possible even call pain.

However, as we know, everything starts small, and doctors unanimously repeat that at the first sign of change in the state of the body's own should contact the appropriate specialist.

Sometimes back pain - it's just a pain in the back, and sometimes such a phenomenon may be a harbinger of a very serious illness.So, consider why back pain.

first reason: "Office┬╗

syndrome This is the reason the vast majority of cases, lead to the fact that you'll wonder why back pain.

reason for this is very simple: a se

dentary lifestyle.Office weekdays, beautiful rooms, coffee breaks, comfortable chairs, ultra-thin monitors - all these components are fraught with the fact that even at a young age, you may be faced with back pain.

Nevertheless, even in this case we are talking about excessive muscle load.It is noteworthy that over 85% of people suffer from chronic or episodic pain for this reason.Even if your lifestyle and the type of activity in no way associated with the permanent loads and lifting weights, your back muscles are in constant tension every day.

Even when you are sitting in front of a computer all day, it is on the back muscles go to the task of keeping your core body weight.Most often, pain will occur in the lumbar region.

In this case, it is recommended to take a more comfortable position in his chair and, of course, do not forget about the small workouts: recommended at least from time to time to rise and perform basic exercises.

However, when such pain does not go away within two weeks, you should see a doctor, which will reveal a more serious reason why back pain.

second reason: osteochondrosis

osteochondrosis of the lumbar Some doctors believe a kind of a logical continuation of the "office" syndrome.Very often this disease is caused by excessive loads.

Risk Group should also refer older generation and people who are overweight.

Essentially any wrong or too intense load on the spine can lead to this disease.It also includes a back injury, and that very often receive professional athletes and those who independently performs the complex physical exercises at home.

Doctors noticed with horror that osteochondrosis younger before our eyes today the disease attacks already and people under the age of thirty years.The main difference from the "office" syndrome will be that the pain in the lumbar region will become regular.

third reason: intervertebral hernia

With a herniated disc is often experienced by people after the age of forty years, but the disease can be diagnosed at a younger age.Typically

hernia occurs on the basis of a degeneration of muscle and connective tissue.Over time the vertebrae begin to nestle closer to each other, while the intervertebral discs are flattened and extend beyond the spine.The result of these changes will be squeezing the nerve roots, which in turn cause and occurrence of acute pain in the lower back and legs.

Of course, in this case, it is strongly recommended to see a doctor who can determine exactly where the hernia is and why back pain in a particular place.

fourth reason: spondylolisthesis

This disease is characterized by pain in the lower back and buttocks, which can be felt in the legs.Spondylolisthesis occurs in about 5-7% of people complaining of pain in his back.

pains are chronic in nature and occur due to deformation of the legs of one of the vertebrae, causing the spine itself becomes not a direct, but like a staircase.Offset vertebrae compresses the nerve roots, causing extreme discomfort.

fifth reason: compression fracture

compression fracture is diagnosed in about 4% of cases: four people from a hundred to a question about why back pain may be called exactly that reason.

This change entails a sharp pain that does not stop just for a second.These pain caused by bone fractures, which are becoming less dense and is therefore able to break even under the pressure of body weight.

Actually, this change may occur at too sharp movements, and the first time the pain is hardly noticeable.That is why patients often can not accurately be called the moment and there was such a spinal injury.

sixth reason: scoliosis

terrible word "scoliosis" often scare small children, forcing them to take the correct posture and do not slouch in any case.In fact, this disease is at its initial stage is not so serious.

noteworthy that the disease has not been studied until the end: it is very often impossible to determine precisely which is why the disease occurs.Bad posture - this is one of the prerequisites of scoliosis.At the first stage of the disease there is no pain, but in a more serious format has been extremely unpleasant aching.Approximately 3% of patients with low back pain diagnosed scoliosis.

is believed that this disease may be inherited.The answer to the question as to why back pain in a child can sometimes depend on you.

seventh reason:

spondylitis disease in the professional community, the disease is known as ankylosing spondylitis.In most cases the disease susceptible men, irrespective of age.However, the sixth of patients - women.

was characterized by ankylosing spondylitis will be continuous tension in the back, pain and a kind of stiffness in the lower back, as well as the constant aching pain in the hips.

This disease is chronic and progressive, it may be in a fairly short period of time and go to the cervical spine and breast.Ankylosing spondylitis is diagnosed in less than 1% of patients with low back pain.

eighth reason: osteoarthritis

This chronic disease affects the joints of the neck and lower-lumbar spine.The disease attacks the articular cartilage, which is located on the bone surface.Osteoarthritis develops slowly, initially pain are not permanent.Therefore it is not always possible to determine exactly why back pain.

Earlier doctors were convinced that the disease occurs with age and as the normal wear and tear of the joints, but today it is believed that at risk are people with excess weight, as well as those who survived microtrauma and any damage to the joints.

Pain is increasing with the development of the disease, and the maximum peak reached during movement.The intensity of the pain will depend on the weather: the patient will feel much worse in hot weather and with increased atmospheric pressure.Long osteoarthritis is characterized by sharp pain under which any movement is impossible.

Ninth reason: infection of the spine

Like any infectious lesions, spinal cord damage will cause an increase in temperature.In addition, any and aching pain in the back, at times turning into sharp.

worth noting that infection is very rarely starts with the spine, most often it gets here from other parts of the body.Therefore, thinking about why back pain, it makes sense to recall those painful sensations in your own body that you experienced before.

At risk are patients after surgery, and patients with diabetes, but other than that people suffering from obesity or arthritis, smoking or abusing drugs.

Tenth cause: gastrointestinal disease

In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is celebrated very diverse symptoms, here enter and discomfort in the back.

interscapular region often affected during the exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis: aching increase manifold after meals.

However, back pain, which grow after eating, almost always are associated with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.If cholelithiasis pain will be given to the waist, subscapular and interscapular region.Additionally, patients may dryness and bitterness in the mouth.

Pain combined with a keen sense of hunger and nausea are very serious harbingers of gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.For this reason, doctors around the world recommend to search for an exact answer to the question why back pain.

Why back pain: good and bad news

Back - is one of the psychosomatic body parts, so it is back and will respond to various stressful situations and nervous strain.Anger, frustration and anger - is in itself not a very pleasant emotions, but they can lead to more and spasms in the back.

However, good news awaits the fair half of mankind: mild pain in the back is often accompanied by early pregnancy.Of course, it is not necessary to attribute such a "sign" to the first signs of pregnancy, but the spin can sick and for this reason too.

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