Adoption of a child : the rules

Adoption of a child : the rules
No matter which way the child gets the family, the main thing - it is yours.What to do if you are thinking about adopting a child from an orphanage?

adoption of a child: important steps

procedure of adoption is not as difficult as it seems.It consists of several steps.

  1. Schooling adoptive parents (it will help you prepare for the new role, and tell what you would expect from a foster child and what you can expect from it).Usually it lasts from one and a half to two months.
  2. Collecting necessary documents (this process can take place simultaneously with the first).At least - a week, maximum - two months.Another week or two will go to the conclusion of the guardianship, who will consider your documents.
  3. Search and selection of the child.You can look for it yourself on databases of orphan children or with the bodies of children in the family unit.They can provide information, both on your place of residence, and in other regions of Russia.The duration depends on your selection criteria (age, gender,
    presence of brothers and sisters).Approximately 1-90 days.
  4. Obtaining consent to the meeting.Marking the place of the child is considering finding your documents, reports in response to its findings and gives its approval.It may take up to 10 days.
  5. meeting with the child.Foster parents have the right to hold from 1 to 10 meetings with the child before making a final decision on the adoption of a child.It may take a month.
  6. If the decision is positive, the parents may apply to the court for an adoption and attach the necessary documents.Having received the approval of the judge, can be registered in the registry office to adopt a child.Typically, from two weeks to two months.
  7. Since the court decision, parents take the child to the family of the children's home.Now it's your son or your daughter.

adoption of a child: who can, and who does not

Under the Family Code of the Russian Federation to adopt a child may adult wife and the man or woman who are not married.The presence of their children does not preclude the adoption of a child.

exceptions are:

  • people with disabilities full and (in respect of at least one of the spouses);
  • deprivation or restriction of parental rights by a court decision;
  • not perform the duties of guardian properly;
  • former adoptive parents, through the fault of which the court quashed the adoption of a child;
  • people with the disease, preventing the adoption (complete list here );
  • no income, allowing the child to maintain a living wage;
  • without a permanent place of residence;
  • tried or subjected to criminal prosecution (except termination on rehabilitating grounds);
  • not prepared properly (except for close relatives of the child and the people who are already adoptive parents or guardians of children);
  • consisting in the union of persons of the same sex, which is regarded as marital, on the country's law allowing such a marriage, as well as the citizens of these countries do not have a spouse.

When it comes to the adoption of brothers and sisters, it is unacceptable that they are conducted by different persons, except in cases where it is in the interests of children.

adoptive parent of the child must be over at least sixteen years, except in cases of stepfather / stepmother adoption.

foreign nationals have the right to adopt a child from Russia, if you can not transfer it to the care of a family of Russian citizens permanently residing in its territory, or the child's relatives, regardless of their nationality and place of residence.

Relatives have priority right to adopt a child, if it is disputed by several people.

What documents you need to prepare for the adoption of a child

Adoptive parents who are citizens of Russia, must present to the guardianship:

  • short story about yourself;
  • certificate of employment, which indicates the position and the salary, or a copy of the declaration of income;
  • a copy of the financial account and an extract from the house register at the place of residence, or a certificate of ownership of the premises;
  • certificate of no criminal record for intentional crimes against life and health (issued by law-enforcement bodies);
  • conclusion of the state or municipal medical clinics on the health status of the adoptive parent;
  • copy of the marriage certificate (if marriage is concluded).

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