Orthopedic insoles : What You Need to Know

Orthopedic insoles : What You Need to Know
When is recommended to use orthotics to children and how to get them for free?Do the specially chosen insole in adulthood?We gathered in a single article all you need to know about the quality of orthopedic insoles.

Orthopedic insoles eases the burden on the legs and feet is distributed properly in the space, provide a comfortable painless step.

For adults who have problems with the feet, orthopedic insoles are recommended in order to prevent aggravation of the disease.

Samu foot pathology in adulthood cure, unfortunately, is impossible.Children as orthopedic problems specially chosen insole can help to solve, especially if you start to wear them at an early age.

kids when needed orthotics

children whose doctor found the following types of foot deformities, be sure to show the daily wearing of shoes with orthopedic insoles:

  • flat;
  • varus deformity (O-position of the lower leg);
  • plano-valgus deformity of the foot (the X-shaped curvature of the foot).

Orthopedic insoles should be ordered accor

ding to individual standards.They can be obtained free of charge, for this district orthopedist will examine the baby and after issuing an appropriate diagnosis issue a certificate.With this certificate you must contact the social security agencies, which will write the direction of the production of individual insoles or orthopedic shoes.

If for some reason such a direction you did not receive, orthopedic insoles to individual measures can be enjoyed for their own money: the orthopedic doctor salon Podiatry examine the legs of the child and develop a model of the insole according to the individual characteristics of the baby foot.

cost of such insoles in the cabin is large enough, also need to consider that as the child grows will have to make new orthotics.

the case of children who do not have problems with the musculoskeletal system, experts' opinions were divided: one group of experts says that for the proper formation of the foot is necessary to wear special orthopedic footwear having a rigid heel and anatomical footbed.

Another group of scientists says that nothing could be better for the formation of the correct pitch, than the frequent walking barefoot child.The scientific world has not yet come to a consensus on this issue, and the child's parents, toddler, you need to follow the rule of "golden mean": select quality comfortable shoes, while allowing the child a lot of walking barefoot.

Orthopedic Insoles for adults

Wearing shoes with individual orthopedic insoles is shown if you have problems with the musculoskeletal system, for example diseases such as:

  • flat;
  • valgus deformity of the big toe ( "bumps on the feet");
  • heel spurs;
  • diabetic foot syndrome;
  • gout.

Also, the World Health Organization recommends that produce orthopedic insoles for individual measures for people with diabetes, atherosclerosis, varicose veins;To old people;pregnant women;people with excess weight.

Orthopedic insoles, made to order, have a positive effect on the condition of the legs, and general well-being:

  1. properly distribute the load on feet, relieve tension from the spine;
  2. enhance human endurance when walking or a long stay in a static position with the load on the legs;
  3. reduce the likelihood of the development of hallux valgus first toes;
  4. reduce stress on painful joints;
  5. significantly reduce the risk of arthritis and arthrosis, osteochondrosis warn.

Why do not buy standard orthotics in pharmacies or stores of medical equipment?The foot of each person is different, and if there are certain problems only an individual approach to the manufacture of insoles to help correct the problem areas.Standard insoles may ease somewhat step, but do not slow disease progression.

How to choose a quality orthopedic insoles

best material for orthopedic insoles considered genuine leather - it is durable, absorbs moisture allocated foot, promotes natural ventilation shoes.

Also pay attention to the shape of the insole: good models have recesses for the heel, instep in the inner arch of the foot and the rise in the region of its rolling.

buying insoles in the cabin, analyze product cost: high-quality orthopedic insoles can not be cheap.If we are talking about individual insoles, order them to factories that specialize in the manufacture of orthopedic shoes.

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