Chills at high temperature : what to do

Chills at high temperature : what to do
One of the most common mistakes in dealing with chills at high temperature - when the patient trying to warm up.What else you can not do and how to act at a fever?

What chills

Chills - a sensation of cold associated with spasm of the blood vessels of the skin surface, so-called "goose bumps."

When chills muscle trembling observed.The man said that he was "shaking", "teeth are chattering."

most often fever is a harbinger of fever caused by infectious diseases.

Sometimes chills occur and without temperature, for example, when supercooling, a strong fright or excitement.In fact, it is a protective reaction of the body to warm up and increase blood flow.

Chills at high temperature causes

We consider the chills associated with a rise in temperature, or fever.Fever occurs due to the fact that the body is penetrated pathogenic agents - bacteria or viruses - with whom he has to fight.In order to strengthen its defenses, it is necessary to raise the temperature.And internal heating takes place efficien

tly because A vasospasm heat dissipation into the external environment is reduced.

However, the patient feels at the same time overwhelmed, feeling cold, fatigue, and aches.There is a need to do something to improve their condition.

temperature - friend or foe

reaching values ​​up to 38-38,5 degrees, the temperature has a healing function.It helps the cells of the immune system to attack enemies - viruses and microbes.Therefore, knocking her antipyretic at lower elevations, we prolong the disease and can get an unexpected surprise in the form of severe exacerbation in the background, seemingly low temperature.

Doctors recommend drugs to lower the temperature after 38.5 degrees, except in cases where more low rise poorly tolerated by the body, having a febrile seizure, etc.Then you need to do this before.But at the approach of a column of mercury to the figure 40 there is a situation dangerous for the body, this temperature should be reduced, and as quickly as possible.

Chills at high temperature: it is impossible to do

  1. Kuta.Hiding warm blankets to keep warm during chill at a high temperature, we create the effect of a thermos.A sick person produces an increased amount of heat, and heat go nowhere, and it stays inside, warming up the internal organs of the critical exponents, besides the skin to the touch can be cold.
  2. drink tea with honey or raspberry.They tend to increase body temperature, so contraindicated during chill at high temperature.
  3. Putting mustard, soar feet and take other similar measures.All for the same reason - additional heating.
  4. Shoot down the temperature below 38-38,5 antipyretic.Especially careful to be with aspirin and other medications based on acetylsalicylic acid because of the risk of damage to the brain and liver complication - Reye's syndrome.For this reason, they are prohibited for children under 12 years of age and pregnant women.

Chills at high temperature: how to facilitate the patient's condition

  1. overriding rule when the temperature rises, whether it chills or fever, - plenty of warm drinks.The liquid is needed to accelerate the launch of products to combat bacteria and viruses, poisons the body, as well as to compensate for the losses, leaving sweat.You can drink teas, juices, fruit drinks, water.But sugary carbonated beverages, coffee and alcohol at contraindicated, as will create an additional burden on an already exhausted body.Drink better little but often, especially in the case of young children, who are experiencing increased demand for fluid at a temperature, but it is often capricious in the disease, and their water is not easy.
  2. Maintain a comfortable temperature in the room, periodically airing it in the absence of the patient.The air should not be too hot and dry.
  3. safe drug-free way to reduce the temperature by 1-1.5 degrees - wiping.Wiping can be plain water (this method is suitable for small children), as well as vodka or vinegar solution (one tablespoon 6% vinegar per gallon of water).Designated rubdown - those which are close to the blood vessels, - the neck, wrists, joints, arms and legs.You can also put on the forehead cloth soaked in cool water.
  4. Wear light clothes made of natural fabrics.In contrast to the warm things, it promotes the excretion of excess heat.

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