Withdrawal symptoms from cannabis

Withdrawal syndrome hashish
cannabis abstinence syndrome causes as well as a number of other drugs.Its use in large quantities can lead to disastrous consequences.

Hashish - compressed, dried substance that is extracted from the flowering tops of cannabis.Hashishism became widely spread in the 60s, now it is second only to alcohol.According to the narcotic substance abuse is addictive.Abrupt discontinuation of drugs, including cannabis, cause withdrawal symptoms.

formation depending

At the age of 14-17 years, every second teenager tries to smoke marijuana, which has a less intoxicating effect than cannabis, but also addictive.Gradually, the thrill of marijuana become less bright, then the person starts to move on to stronger drugs, not the exception becomes and hashish.Formation in this case, depending gradually proceeds in three steps.

  1. first stage is characterized by the fact that a person is not required the company to have a smoke, in its absence, he finds himself where to take the drug, and uses it alone.When the break
    between the two methods is delayed, there comes a kind of dissatisfaction, a desire to return to the feeling of intoxication.
  2. In the second stage, the addict to maintain physical and mental condition requires constant, fairly frequent use of cannabis.At the use of the drug at this stage the person becomes quite active, sensible, workable, but after an hour and a half, everything is changing: there is apathy, during which a drug addict looking for where and what to smoke, and not finding, it becomes aggressive.
  3. third stage of the worst - it is an absolute lack of understanding of its existence without the drug.At the same time, and there is a withdrawal syndrome, cannabis is the first cause of its occurrence.

Withdrawal symptoms and signs

Withdrawal symptoms from cannabis is formed considerably longer than with other types of addiction.In this case, it takes about 4-5 years of constant use.When addiction to cannabis has been formed, you experience the following symptoms of withdrawal syndrome:

  • muscle weakness, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, loss of appetite;
  • shortness of breath, pressing pain in the chest, constriction of the heart;
  • depression, tearfulness, anxiety, moodiness.

duration of withdrawal symptoms from cannabis may be 2 weeks or a month.In most mild cases, the patient's condition improves to 2-3 days.Very long-term use leads to chronic psychosis, which occur in 15% of smokers, and then the state of withdrawal is complicated by delusions of persecution, paranoid thoughts.

use of any substances that enter the body in a state of intoxication, the risk of destruction of the psyche and the nervous system.Pay attention to the symptoms of addiction and withdrawal symptoms for which cannabis is the first cause, and if you or your friends have something similar, contact narcologist.The sooner you do, the faster and easier it will be to get rid of dependence.

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