Neuritis of the facial nerve : how to get your face

Neuritis of the facial nerve : how to get your face
neuritis of the facial nerve (Bell's palsy) - an inflammation of the peripheral nerve, occurring in violation of the sensitivity of the skin and the contractility of the facial muscles.

In 98% of cases of facial neuritis observed a unilateral lesion of the facial nerve in the form of paresis (violation of sensitivity) or paralysis (loss of ability to maintain muscle tone and decrease) of mimic muscles of the face, the face that appears skewed in a healthy way.

This can be confusing for the patient moderate to severe pain in the parotid region mastoid, ear.

neuritis of the facial nerve:

symptoms Symptoms of neuritis of the facial nerve are dependent on the level of injury of the facial nerve, as well as the cause of the disease.

tumors, strokes, polio, give a broader picture of destruction, accompanied by deafness, disturbances of the oculomotor nerve, lacrimal system, salivary glands, etc.

neuritis of the facial nerve: the reasons

As a rule, the disease is associated with damage to nerve infec

tion and its surrounding tissues.Provoke disease can be sudden local cooling, cause local decreased immunity, as well as violation of the microcirculation and metabolism.It is noticed that most neuritis of the facial nerve is found in cold regions.Recently, however, due to the active use of air conditioners celebrated its spread and to the south.The disease can affect a person at any age, regardless of gender.

Risk Factors:

  • hypothermia, stay in the draft;
  • local circulatory problems with injuries, vertebral artery syndrome, atherosclerotic lesions of vessels in ischemic stroke, etc .;
  • ear infections (otitis, mezotimpanity), diseases of the parotid gland (mumps), inflammatory and bulk formation in the brain and the temporal bone pyramid may give complications with involvement in the pathological process of the facial nerve (mastoiditis, neuromas);
  • treatment of lower molars with anesthesia of the lower alveolar nerve.

neuritis of the facial nerve: Treatment

With early treatment of the patient to a specialist and intensive care in 75% of cases it is possible to prevent the development of contracture of the facial muscles.This is achieved through a complex treatment with analgesics (pronounced if the pain), decongestants and anti-inflammatory drugs, antispasmodics.

the presence of infection is prescribed antibiotic or antiviral therapy, as well as immunomodulators.

addition provide treatment that improves the recovery of the structure of nerve fibers and their conductivity: vitamins, drugs to improve tissue metabolism, medications to improve nerve conduction.

Starting from 4-5th day prescribed physiotherapy: paraffin and ozokeritotherapy, phonons and electrophoresis with hydrocortisone, combining it with reflexology and pharmacopuncture - the introduction of micro-doses of drugs in the acupressure points.

When removing the aggravation spend osteopathic massage and facial therapy, and physical therapy sessions.

If the facial nerve neuritis is a complication of a disease, all procedures are carried out during the treatment of this disease.

If treatment is not initiated in a timely manner or the effect of it is very weak, and after 6-8 months has not recovered the mobility of muscles, conduct surgical treatment, including autologous nerve.

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