If the left hand is numb

If the left hand is numb
If numb left hand, it is a sign of numbness of limbs (paresthesia) - a violation of the sensitivity of the skin, in which a person feels a sense of tingling, "pins and needles", lowering the temperature and pain sensitivity.Paresthesia can occur in one or two legs, as well as throughout the body.

At the heart of the development of paresthesia is compression of the nerve or the local poor circulation due to compression of the blood vessels that provide blood flow to the limbs.

Temporary numbness of the left hand

systematic and prolonged tension in your neck and shoulders while working on the computer, when working in a sitting, forced and uncomfortable positions with muscle strain cervical area can cause numbness in the whole of the hand and pain in the shoulder,elbow joints, wrist, shoulder girdle muscles.

This is due to overload the muscle groups, they spasm, disturbance of innervation and blood supply.This state help to eliminate periodic interruptions and change in body position, self-massage,

exercise, change of activity, hardware or hand massage, as well as regular exercise.

Temporary numbness may occur when wearing tight, with clothes elastic bands, compressing his hand;with long-term location of the hands above the level of the heart, or while squeezing hands during sleep and in other similar situations.As a rule, the elimination of factors, blood circulation, numbness weakens and disappears.If the numbness is more than an hour, you should consult a neurologist.

periodically arise numbness of the left hand

Often there is an exacerbation of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine, when coming out of the intervertebral foramen left spinal nerve (nerve root) is compressed circularly or only locally in one place at the expense of angular bony outgrowths on the vertebral bodies, as well asthrough protrusion of the intervertebral disc of the cervical.

In some cases, numbness of the left hand may be in osteochondrosis with high displaceability of the cervical vertebrae, but then there is numbness or enhanced by turning the head and sharp, uncoordinated body movement.

Numbness of the left arm, accompanied by dizziness, nausea, instability, headache when instability of the cervical spine, constitutes a violation of the blood supply to the brain (the vertebral artery syndrome).

Heart disease and numbness in the left arm

With the sudden appearance of this symptom in patients with coronary heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis should first think about the failure of the heart, as well as the possibility of preceding infarction condition, disturbance of cerebral circulation.

In this case, an urgent need to take medicines prescribed to the patient.If numbness in the left hand accompanied by pain in the heart and limbs, it is necessary to call an ambulance.Prolonged numbness of the left hand may be a sign preceding infarction condition.


When sudden numbness of the left hand with the appearance of her strong, increasing pain, swelling of the hands possible thrombosis main vessels.In this case (if the pain does not go away within an hour) needed urgent hospitalization to the department of vascular surgery.Thrombosis can cause tissue necrosis.Independent manipulation are unacceptable because of the possibility of progression of thrombosis!

herniated disc

Local compression of the spinal nerve or the left spine, accompanied by numbness of the hands may cause herniation of intervertebral disk.Often this condition is accompanied by pain along the nerve or has a local character.

recommended limitation of physical activity and immediately consult a neurologist, conducting additional x-ray examination or MRI.

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