Brain tumor : Symptoms

Brain tumor : Symptoms
For a long time, a brain tumor can have no manifestation, but as the growth of tumors occur compression of the surrounding tissues with the development of focal symptoms.

Tumor growth causes an increase in intracranial pressure, disruption of blood circulation in the brain, which is reflected in the form of brain symptoms.

Alopecia Areata symptoms

diverse tumors and symptoms depend on what kind of area of ​​the brain tumor compresses.

Compression of the motor areas of the brain causing various disturbances of motor activity - paresis and paralysis.Most often these symptoms are observed on the side opposite to the tumor growth.

brain damage sensitive areas results in a reduction or complete loss of skin sensitivity (pain, tactile, thermal) in a certain area of ​​the body.

Hearing damage can be caused by compression of the auditory nerve to the total or partial loss of hearing, and the defeat of the analysis part of the cerebral cortex, in violation of the speech recognition.

Similarly formed and

visual impairment - full or partial loss of vision or a person loses the ability to understand written language and even recognize familiar objects to it.The defeat of the areas of speech and writing is a complete or partial loss of these skills.

Under the influence of the tumor on the mid-brain area or the cerebellum may occur incoordination.

The tumor causes a variety of psychomotor disorders: loss of memory, attention, behavior changes, mood swings, etc.Being persistent hotbed of excitement of the cerebral cortex, the tumor may cause epileptic seizures.

Hormonal disorders

hypothalamus and pituitary gland secrete a variety of hormones that affect the activity of the endocrine glands of man.When the tumor hormonal disturbances may occur in these departments have a variety of clinical manifestations.

cerebral symptoms

To cerebral symptoms include a number of non-specific symptoms that are at the same specific features.

  • Headache induced tumor rarely removed and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers such as it is based on no vasoconstriction or muscle tension of the head, and a violation of the liquor exchange and increased intracranial pressure.
  • Nausea and vomiting - common symptoms of a brain tumor.Characteristically, vomiting, caused by damage to the brain, rarely brings relief, and nausea may accompany a person almost always.
  • vertigo and other disorders of the vestibular apparatus.
  • weakness, fatigue, vibrations and pressure pulses.

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