Prevention of meningococcal disease

Late detection and treatment of complications of meningococcal disease threatens to neurological and mental retardation.

Meningococcal infection - an acute infectious disease.Her agent causes inflammation of the meninges, the nasal mucosa damage, upper respiratory tract.

infection may not occur at all, if the infected is the only carrier.It is believed that most contamination occurs just on such asymptomatic carriers.the pathogen is transmitted from person to person by airborne droplets.Especially high risk of developing the disease in children.

Prevention of meningococcal disease

Vaccination - the easiest way to protect yourself from infection.Preventive vaccination against meningococcal disease are included in the immunization schedule only on epidemic indications.As a preventive measure against the disease are also applied drugs: antibiotics and immunoglobulins.

How is

vaccination With a sharp rise in the incidence of first vaccinated children from 1.5 years to 8 years (with the consent of pa

rents or guardians);students of the first courses of secondary and higher educational institutions, as well as visiting citizens.At refusal of vaccination signed by a medical document, and the doctors are required to explain the possible consequences of a person.

How is the immunization

immunizations were medical personnel trained immunization.Most often, this is done in health care institutions: allocate vaccination or routine medical services that meet sanitary requirements.If conducted mass immunization, organized vaccination teams, which carry out vaccination at home.

What vaccines are used

For the prevention of meningococcal disease vaccines used domestic production of A and meningococcal A + C, and imported - A + C vaccine is administered subcutaneously under the shoulder blade, or in the upper third of the shoulder.Immunity develops from the 5th to the 14th day after the administration.Duration of immunity - at least 2 years.Vaccination against meningococcal disease can be carried out simultaneously with vaccination against other infectious diseases, in addition to vaccination against yellow fever and tuberculosis.

Contraindications to vaccination

Vaccination against meningococcal disease is contraindicated in acute infections or exacerbation of chronic diseases.If the reaction to the introduction of the drug was unfavorable, vaccination is canceled.


At the outbreak of meningococcal infection is usually established quarantine for 10 days after the isolation of the last patient.This time is the incubation period of infection (from 2 to 10 days).

disinfection is not needed in the outbreak of meningococcal infection becausemicrobe is unstable in the environment.Suffice it to take place in the room where the patient or carrier, wet cleaning, airing and exposure of ultraviolet lamps premises.

Screening for carriage

Screening for meningococcal infection is shown, where the incidence is formed by the permanent carriers.Most often identified carriers of epidemic danger does not represent.And if they are, only the owners of the epidemic strain.In this case, vaccination against meningococcal infection reduces the number of vehicles to almost zero.

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