Bitterness in the mouth : an unpleasant organism signal

Bitterness in the mouth : an unpleasant organism signal
reason for feelings of bitterness in the mouth is often a disease of the digestive system.But this is not the only factor.Each case requires a medical diagnosis.

Causes of bitter taste in the mouth are different.The most innocent cause of the unpleasant symptoms associated with the consumption of specific or substandard products.

Bitterness can cause consumption propped rancid butter or sour-milk products.The distortion of taste may occur if you are hypersensitive after eating pine nuts or almonds.In the above cases, the bitterness usually passes quickly.

Stress When stress occurs smooth muscle spasm, including biliary tract spasm, which causes a sharp release of bile into the esophagus, and the person begins to feel the bitterness in the mouth.In this case, help sedative (soothing) means to get rid of unpleasant sensations.


Taking certain medications can become a cause of bitterness in the mouth.Often when interviewing the patient it turns out that an unpleasant symptom triggered ant

ihistamines, antibiotics or herbal preparations.It is known that bitterness is St. John's wort or sea buckthorn oil.Bitterness runs after stopping the drugs.

Constant bitterness

bitterness indicates obvious violations in the work of the organs and systems of the body, if you do not leave the person in a few days.In this situation, can not do without skilled care.

Diseases of the digestive

bitterness in the mouth may occur when malfunction of any organ of digestion starting from the mouth and ending with the intestine: in inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach (gastritis), duodenum (duodenitis), pancreas (pancreatitis), thin (enteritis) and colon (colitis) bowel.

But the main reason is still the liver disease and biliary tract.In all these cases violated biliary tract motility, resulting in bile is thrown up into the esophagus and becomes tangible in the mouth of the patient.To identify which of the authorities to provoke the release of bile, needed gastroscopy.

Endocrine disorders

Endocrine diseases lead to a change in the overall hormonal levels.This affects the metabolic processes in the body.In hyperthyroidism (increased thyroid function) in the blood is thrown great amount of adrenaline and noradrenaline.These hormones cause spasm of smooth muscles of biliary tract and cause the release of bile and the subsequent appearance of bitterness in the mouth.Also biliary tract motility suffer with a decrease in thyroid function (hypothyroidism).

Pregnancy Many women experience an unpleasant taste in the mouth during pregnancy.The first reason for this - an increase of the hormone progesterone in the body.It acts relaxing on the valve between the stomach and esophagus and thereby helps to throw the acidic stomach contents into the esophagus.In the later stages of pregnancy the cause of bitterness and even in fetal size: he "backs" below the stomach and also cause reflux.

diseases of the oral cavity

If the bitter taste is accompanied by bad breath, contact your dentist.The frequent cause of bitterness - oral diseases: inflammation of the oral mucosa, metabolic and degenerative diseases of the gums, glossitis (tongue inflammation).The bitterness in the mouth often arises from metal or plastic wear dentures.

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