Raynaud's Syndrome : Symptoms and Treatment

Raynaud's syndrome - a progressive chronic disease of the smallest peripheral vessels, leading to disruption of blood flow to the formation of trophic ulcers and other types of ischemic necrosis.The main predisposing factor of developing the disease - stress.

When Raynaud's syndrome occurs paroxysmal reduction of groups of small vessels feet and hands.The cause of Raynaud's syndrome has not yet been identified.

According to the observations of scientists, most disease prone people with unstable mentality, prone to stress and long-term depression.

also trigger Raynaud's disease may be hypothermia, physical exhaustion, infectious diseases.Often the disease is hereditary.

Raynaud's syndrome may develop on the background of diseases associated with diffuse disease of connective tissue:. Systemic scleroderma, vasculitis, periarteritis nodosa, dermatomyositis, etc., as well as under the influence of occupational factors (vibration, temperature, contrast, etc. - the disease often occurs inpianists, Typewr

iting, cooks).

What happens when a Raynaud's syndrome

The whole process usually takes place in the form of three successive reactions of the body:

  • ischemia caused by a spasm of the smallest arteries, capillaries, which manifests pronounced pallor of the skin;
  • cyanosis caused by stagnation of blood in the smallest vessels, which appears bluish complexion;
  • reactive hyperemia - blood flow, which is manifested by redness of the skin and its swelling.

main symptoms of Raynaud's syndrome

most common lesion II-V fingers feet and hands, at least - the ears, tip of the nose, chin.During the attack the skin turns pale, becomes cold, distorted and reduced its sensitivity.

After the attack the skin becomes red, swollen, it appears the feeling of fullness, heat and pain.Between bouts of skin on the affected areas of the body is cold, with a bluish tint, high humidity.

Over time, these tissues appear trophic changes: slow to heal scratches and damage to the tiny, decreased elasticity of the skin, nails grow slowly, become brittle, deformed, smoothed fingertips.Later, there are sores.

This manifestation of bilateral, usually symmetrical, but they are progressing slowly, sometimes seizures may stop spontaneously.For disease uncharacteristically gangrene.

Raynaud syndrome Diagnostics

primarily clarify the cause of the existing manifestations of the disease in order to carry out its already targeted treatment.In this regard, often carried:

  • dermal thermometry, provocation with cold test, thermography;
  • Capillaroscopy, rheography and plethysmography;
  • Doppler ultrasound with color mapping;
  • radiopaque angiography with pharmacological tests and other studies.

Basic principles of treatment of Raynaud's syndrome

  • protective regime: the development of stress, smoking cessation, avoidance of hypothermia, especially during the cold season, with the exception of household effects of vibration devices (grinders, mixers, vacuum cleaner, etc.).
  • During the attack - warm extremities, light massage, antispasmodics, ganglio- or beta andrenoblokatory, calcium antagonists.
  • Strengthening of the vessel walls (contrast baths, physiotherapy, massage, reflexology, physical therapy, thermal bath and spa treatment).
  • Drug therapy, farmakupunktura, administration of drugs with phonons and electrophoresis.

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