Giardiasis : the benefits of hand washing

These simple organisms can get to us in the intestines and cause a rather unpleasant symptoms.

Giardiasis - a parasitic disease caused by protozoa - Giardia.They are parasitic in the gut, but they can penetrate into the gallbladder.

Giardia exists in two different forms:

  • in mobile form, they move through the intestines by means of four pairs of flagella and cling special disk to the mucosa of the small intestine;
  • fixed form they take when hit in the colon, and then leave the body through feces.

Outside the body, being in the water or soil, they can be up to 2 months.In the case of re-entering the gastrointestinal tract through the water and unwashed fruits they come to life and continue to live in the body of a new host.


giardiasis most often occurs in an asymptomatic form, sometimes appearing bowel disorders such as nausea, greenish mucous stools, and pain in the navel.Less commonly, it may be persistent diarrhea.

hidden danger

Persistent diarrhea causing breach of the in

testine, for example its absorptive capacity, which in turn can lead to metabolic disorders.Giardia can also contribute to the development of dyskinesia (dysmotility) biliary tract.

disease forms

Giardiasis can be acute or chronic.In the acute form there are epigastric pain, diarrhea, bloating, can increase the temperature.With proper treatment, the disease lasts no longer than a week.

Chronic occurs most often in children and the elderly.There may be relapses.


Therapy is aimed at the destruction of a parallel correction of intestinal dysbiosis parasites (it is the restoration of microflora).If required, as is the treatment of biliary dyskinesia and improvement of the secretory activity of the gastrointestinal tract.


Summer - the best time to spread giardiasis.Doctors are advised not to buy food in the stalls questionable, wash hands with soap and water, and fruits and vegetables - under running water with a brush.

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