Anxiety neurosis

Anxiety neurosis
is believed that fears have absolutely every one of us.

Children's fears tend to go away or be overcome by joint efforts with the parents.Each adult also have their own - a height, deep water, a new food or air travel ...

These fears, although escorted everywhere and always, become invisible companions who are not annoying and silly talk which is quite comfortable.Anyway, enjoy life, they do not interfere.

Previously Freud

But sometimes anxiety or fear there is no apparent reason - is irrational, sometimes - sharp, sudden, sometimes - slowly, gradually intensifying.Such fear is taking root, it does not leave a person throughout the day, or even weeks, months ... In this case, we can talk about the presence of anxiety neurosis.He was isolated from neurasthenia as an independent form at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, and was first described - in 1892, that is only a few years before the creation of Freud's psychoanalytic theory.

anxiety neurosis - not a phobia

It is not formed phobia -

a condition more specific, understandable, and the doctor understand how to deal with it.When phobias feeling of fear arises only in certain situations or in causing certain representations and not without them.For example, a patient with a phobia of women in red slippers feels fear in their form, but if not in the field of view of the patient, or his thoughts there is no woman in the red slippers, it is quite calm.

When anxiety neurosis is unpredictable, it can cause anything.

feature of this state is that the patient himself is aware of the groundlessness of their worries and fears, but to do this can not do anything, at least himself.Take control of the disease is not helping any conviction on the part of relatives or persuasion.Sometimes anxiety can grow up to an attack of terror.For example, the obsessive fear of trips in the subway, where the "little air, I get sick, no one will help, and I'll lie on the dirty platform all alone ..." may be replaced by the expectation of death from "choking in the subway, where there is little air, I will be the bad... "and down the circuit.

Neurosis Rhinestone: Causes

cause of anxiety neurosis can be a strong psychological shock (loud scandalous divorce of parents, the sudden death of someone close), or long-acting stressful factors leading to conflict - the coexistence of contradictory tendencies.

example, deep disappointment in the relationship (sadness, disgust to her husband, the loss of the ideal), combined with a fear of break-resistant leads to neurasthenia, which over time can develop into anxiety neurosis.Sometimes anxiety neurosis, as the doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of child psychiatry TSOLIUV, author of numerous publications on psychiatry VVKovalev, becomes hypochondriacal neurosis.At the same time gradually smoothed out and disappear peculiar neurosis of fear of attack, and fears take more permanent, though not as acute.

Where to

anxiety disorders - mental illness and requires professional treatment, regardless of its duration.Many discourages the word "psychiatrist" and the very need for such treatment specialist.But only by a qualified psychiatrist, using accepted diagnostic criteria that can determine the presence of anxiety neurosis and appropriate treatment, in some cases - medication.

Antidepressants and tranquilizers quenched by negative emotions, no dulling of other sensations.Many opportunities are and non-drug treatments that help people and teach them how to deal with their own anxiety and stress.

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