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The quality of cheese : how to determine

The quality of cheese : how to determine
For many centuries the cheese remains one of the favorite foods on our table.In its favor it is difficult to doubt - nutritionists recommend to eat it at least three times a week.However, so as not to hurt yourself, you need to be able to determine the quality of cheese - featuring real cheese from a surrogate, and fresh produce - from spoiled.

What curd

hereby cheese can be called fermented milk product made using lactic acid or its combination with rennet.It is rich in protein, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and calcium.

Fats non-dairy origin, that is, plant it contain should not.Therefore, if you see a part of palm or coconut oil, in front of you is not cheese.The same signal words "cheese product" on the label.

But often people buy cheese on the market, by weight, and the label does not have.How to determine the quality of the cheese, in this case, because this "living product" is very vulnerable to pathogenic microbes?


Good cheese is white in color, sometimes with cream shade, unif

orm throughout the mass.A small color unevenness may be at a high fat content.The structure must be homogeneous - mazhuschayasya loose and have more fat, crumbly with a moderate amount of whey - in having a low fat content.Curd infant looks sufleobrazno.

If cheese has a bright yellow color, this may indicate dyes, dried up yellowish crusts - its staleness.The pinkish hue, not to mention the green and black, as well as slime - signs of bacterial growth.To consume such a product is strictly impossible.


quality cheese curd should smell: have a pleasant sour-milk smell.Product putrid "smell" or "aroma" spoiled mold.


not refuse the offer to remove a sample - so it's easier just to make sure as cottage cheese.Pleasant taste without impurities will indicate its naturalness.Sour taste over time will only increase, and the bitterness - a sign of spoiled cheese.

If there is a language oily film, the product is likely to contain vegetable fat (palm oil).its melting temperature (39º) higher than that of milk (28-32 °), so it dissolves in the mouth to the end.

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Shelf life

Fresh cheese can be stored in the refrigerator for three to five days.The sealed package - up to a month.If you are planning to store the product for longer, store it in the freezer - at minus 18 ° C, it can be left there for six months.

Shelf life of cottage cheese come to an end, but the product has not been corrupted?Then it is quite possible to make cheese cakes, casseroles or dumplings.After the heat treatment, he will not bring harm to the body.

If you buy cheese weighed on the market, keep in mind that its implementation period is not more than 12 hours, with the use of the refrigerator - a day or two.As the container for storage can be used as cans and jars, metal and wooden casks.The main thing - to be securely closed.For this reason, gauze, which serves to separate the serum, as a packaging material can not be considered.

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