What is extreme medicine

What is extreme medicine
about extreme sports have heard everything.But few know that there are doctors involved in emergency medicine.

Extreme Medicine: types

  • Space Medicine Sports Medicine
  • Military medicine

Space Medicine

Scientists and doctors are investigating the physiological problems of cosmonaut and the reaction of the organism to various overload.But this does not mean that space medicine is only concerned with the health of people, to conquer the space.The knowledge may be relevant for ordinary patients in a critical condition.

For example, problems with blood circulation through small vessels - a common problem faced by the astronauts and ordinary patients.Bad blood passes through the capillaries, thus breaking the nutrition of tissues.In normal patients, this is caused by disorders of the vascular bed, the astronauts - gravitational overloads.Treatment of the same and in other identical.Now the Center for Space Medicine in London, has been studying the effect of nitrate to be added to food and drinks

on the microcirculation of blood.

other interested physicians the industry of extreme medicine problem is the lack of oxygen in the blood, which often face regular patients.A similar condition experienced by people being in the space or in the mountains, where the oxygen content in the air less.This condition is called hypoxia, and can cause serious damage to internal organs.

Science Centre UK Space Medicine is currently conducting a study vlyaniya extreme temperatures and deep dives on human health.

Sports Medicine Sports

doctors also deal with the impact of hypoxia on health.In particular, they collect data about the health of novice climbers to determine why some people can tolerate heavy exercise and become athletes, and others - no.

data analysis showed that some climbers rapidly lost weight during lifting, while others retain it on the same level.This indicates a significant difference in the metabolism of the test substances.Rapid ascent and did prove to be dangerous for the health of the climbers, which indicates the importance of the correct operating mode when the power loads.All the data will help trainers to further build individual work with athletes and achieve the best results.In addition, these studies gave rise to the development of simple and convenient technique that climbers can use in their work.

However, not all agree that good physical condition - the only guarantee of success.Microsurgery and Kenneth Kalmer climber preparing to climb Mount Everest May 11, 1996.Strong winds swept the three groups of mountaineers who were with him.On that day, he killed eight people and injured Calmer doctor and other doctors treated in a makeshift hospital.

Calmer wrote the book "Journey to the doctor boundaries of human endurance," in which he discusses the causes of the incident.He argues that the cause was unprepared brain work and lack of willpower.Only they, in his opinion, are able to cope with environmental stress.

Military medicine

Another example is extreme medicine military medicine.The work of doctors in the war zone - severe trauma patients injured, severed limbs and burns - significantly different from the scope of the ordinary physician.

Not so long ago, scientists have developed a compound that is injected into the injury site of craniofacial bones and stimulates the growth of normal tissue in the fracture area.Currently begin clinical trials on patients in the last 12 months who visited the battlefield.

addition, are developing tissue regeneration technique destroyed severe burns.If successful, the results can be used for the treatment of the civilian population.

Another area of ​​military medicine - treatment of the civilian population affected by the hostilities.One of the most common causes of injuries are mine, they are often the victims are children.Although the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations carry out demining work, annual death toll reaches 4 thousand

Gino Strada, who organized the humanitarian organization of medical emergency, describes the injuries of mine:. "Quite often, the lower part of the leg just divorced.One can see the remains of bones, protruding below the knee.Sometimes shin tears with knee injuries often affect large thigh, buttocks and genitals.Often accompanied by the loss of his legs penetrating wounds to the abdomen and chest. "Strada, military doctors worked 10 years, still can not see the child's body, torn mine, without tears.

often doctors themselves are victims of their extreme profession.In 1996 Strada worked in the first emergency hospital in Sulaimaniya in northern Iraq, where Saddam Hussein's forces attacked Kurds.The hospital was full of wounded soldiers, doctors worked for 18 hours.In Strada took a heart attack, and he was transported to Italy, where he underwent bypass surgery.

military doctors, among other things, you must have the skills field clinic building, teamwork, discipline and the ability to cope with stress.Not every doctor, even the surgeon is able to work in emergency medicine, where resources are severely limited.Furthermore, to become a military doctor must learn to determine which patients have a chance of survival, while some do not.Indeed, in terms of military operations, doctors can not spend three hours on terminally ill patients, while victims with greater chances of survival are dying without medical care.

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