Cerumen in the ear : how to prevent the formation of

Cerumen in the ear : how to prevent the formation of
Why in the ears are formed cerumen and how to remove them.

Sometimes a person feels that the audibility deteriorated in the ears there was a small noise, and your own voice "giving" additional background somewhere deep in the ear canal.These symptoms - a clear sign of the formation of cerumen.

cork Cernea: where they come from

tiny, but very numerous sulfur gland, located in the outer ring of the auditory meatus, allocate 10-15 mg of wax per month, thereby protecting the ear from foreign intrusion (insects, dirt).The cells of the skin, ear canal strewn, quickly divided, gradually shifting the older layers to the outside, thereby helping to get rid of ear sulfur and adhering to it foreign body.During chewing the ear is also gaining momentum "push" of sulfur and dirt.

Thus, periodically at the entrance of the ear canal collects a small amount of sulfur brownish or yellowish tint.It can be easily removed with a cotton swab or the tip towels (no need to push it inside).

It is not necessary to remov
e sulfur

When we start with enthusiasm to scrape the inside of the ear with a stick or a match with a cotton tip (and even spoke), we put an ear to the following risks:

  • sulfur pushed even deeper, pressed deepear canal and the plug begins to form;
  • thin skin damaged auditory canal (scrapes, bruises), which may lead to the accession of infection or skin irritation;
  • can damage the inner part of the ear, and even the very eardrum.

Causes of cerumen

Doctors believe that it is wrong ear cleaning, causing the advancement of sulfur in its depth, is the main cause of cerumen.For other reasons include increased due to increased work seroobrazovanie sulfur glands, as well as the individual characteristics of the anatomical structure of the ear.

Removing cerumen

can not take any independent action to remove cerumen.It is useless and also dangerous.You need to go to the doctor, audiologist, who can prescribe the correct treatment.Usually, before removing the plugs is recommended prokapat in the ear for a few days, a special solution to soften it.Then plug easily washed with a special solution using a special syringe.But the doctor can easily control the cork removal process and verify that all until the end came.

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