Products for the Dukan Diet : A Review

Products for the Dukan Diet : A Review
Power scheme proposed by the French doctor Pierre Dyukanom, today one of the most popular in the world.It is based on the prevalence of protein in the diet and restriction of fats and carbohydrates.The list of allowed products is quite extensive, but sometimes to find any particular product for Dukan Diet, have to work hard.

main postulate Ducane diet - lose weight, experiencing the feeling of hunger, it is impossible.Therefore, losing weight is allowed to have more, and the great results they achieve, become more varied diet.

total diet in 4 stages - the attack, the alternation (cruise), consolidation (consolidation) and stabilization.While many products can be found at almost any store, for some products for the Dukan Diet will have to "hunt".

base product for Ducane diet: oat bran

This is a very useful product, not only for those who are sitting on the Dukan Diet but also for everyone, leading a healthy lifestyle.One of the most valuable properties of bran - lowering cholesterol.In addition, th

ey serve as a means of preventing diabetes, colon and rectum cancer.

Thus the best option, for Dyukanu are bran medium-sized and double grinding.They should be the minimum content of oat flour, which is the source of quick carbs (forbidden Ducane diet).The look is such

bran as follows: a thin shell, at least the white core.Crushed grain oats are not suitable for the role of bran, even if they are issued for them.

exotic product for Dukan Diet: Shirataki Noodles

Another product revered Dukan Diet is Shirataki.This product is very popular in East Asia.It is made from plant tubers brandy.It features a low-calorie, high in dietary fiber.

is useful to control body weight and blood sugar levels.Although outwardly resembles Shirataki noodles rice, thanks to its white color and transparency, this product is significantly inferior to her in calories (compare, about 330 kcal and 9).For sale is usually in the marinade.

Japanese product for the Dukan Diet: tofu

Another guest from Asia, very valued by vegetarians and followers of a healthy lifestyle.Tofu cheese similar to ours, but it is not made from cow milk proteins and soy.

It has a low calorie content (73 Kcal per 100 g) and fat (4.2%), but its biological value comparable to meat protein.

Like any soy products, tofu can be made from genetically modified soy - it is better to avoid.

There are varieties of tofu - tight (Asian and Western - more similar to mozzarella), with the smell of (made in China), silk (the most gentle and mild), smoked (popular in the West), with additives (nuts and spices).All these aspects should be considered when choosing a cheese tofu.

Photo: Kseniya Ulyanova,

Recommended product for the Dukan Diet: goji berries

rich in vitamins (B complex, C, E), minerals (iron, potassium, manganese, chromium, zinc, etc..), amino acids.For the properties of goji berries have become favorites of Tibetan medicine.They normalize blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, promote the heart and blood vessels, lungs.

goji berries also increase immunity, strengthen the nervous system, cleanse the body of toxins, promote weight loss.

Goji - the fruits of the Tibetan barberry growing on the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau.Fruits Berberidaceae other shrubs, including native to China, Primorye and South-East Asia, are also used in cooking.By their appearance they resemble the Tibetan goji, but inferior to them in healing properties.It is reported that only 5% of goji berries in the European and American market brought from Tibet.

If you decide to eat at Ducane system should buy products from reliable suppliers.You should be alerted if hiding information about their origin and composition, as well as the unjustified price decline, still products Dukan Diet is quite expensive.

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