The causes of restless legs syndrome

Depending on the cause of the syndrome can tell whether a patient in need of treatment or temporary manifestations syndrome.

For years, scientists have tried to find an effective way to treat restless legs syndrome, and they have paid little attention to the reasons for its occurrence.Sometimes this condition is associated with a number of medications that cause increased production of dopamine - a chemical produced by the brain.But there are reasons to believe that the high cont

ent of dopamine is only one of the factors leading to the development of this condition.

For many years scientists have tried to find effective ways to treat restless legs syndrome, and they have paid little attention to the reasons for its occurrence.It was shown that this condition is sometimes linked with a number of drugs that cause increased production of dopamine - a chemical produced by the brain which affect the processes of formation and movement of positive emotions.But there are reasons to believe that the high content of dopamine is only one of the factors leading to the development of this condition."It is assumed that the restless legs syndrome occurs, usually at night, since the amount of dopamine, following the circadian rhythms of the body, increases at night and is reduced when the person wakes up," - says Charlene Gamaldo, MD, assistant professor of Neurology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore .

As scientists suggest that abnormally high levels of dopamine may be associated with low iron content in the blood.However, still it remains a mystery why some people sometimes restless leg syndrome, and others do not.

Restless legs syndrome is divided into 2 types: primary and secondary.The secondary is considered a syndrome, which is the result of another disease.

primary restless legs syndrome

syndrome is considered to be the primary, if all the other conditions, which could serve as a basis for its origin were excluded.The most frequently encountered variant is aged 35-45 years.For a long time it was thought that the primary syndrome is hereditary and in 2007 researchers at Emory University have discovered a gene variant that increases the likelihood of developing the disease by more than 2 times.

Mimi Gauthier Decorator film in New Orleans, recalls how her father was suffering from restless legs syndrome: "He always several times shaking legs before lying down to take a nap."Herself Gauthier legs began to disturb the age of 6 years, now she is 47 and she suffers from severe restless legs syndrome (it always feels exhausted and practically deprived of sleep).

Secondary restless legs syndrome

Before prescribe drug treatment of restless legs syndrome, you must make sure that there are no other diseases and conditions, which temporarily may appear restless legs syndrome.For example, pregnancy can sometimes be the cause temporary onset of symptoms, which rapidly disappear after the baby is born.

Other diseases that can be paired with restless legs syndrome are:

- diabetes

- Parkinson's disease

- rheumatoid arthritis

- renal failure

iron deficiency and anemia may also lead to the occurrence of restless legs syndromebut they are easily amenable to therapy by a diet high in iron.

"The first thing we should do if we were addressed by a patient with restless legs syndrome - is to check the level of iron," - says Dr. Gamaldo."Sometimes the appearance of this syndrome can help the physician in making a diagnosis of the underlying disease.So, it would seem, a healthy man of 50 years there are symptoms of restless legs syndrome, further revealed low blood levels of iron, which may indicate bleeding, polyps in the colon, the colon cancer.Thus, we can make a correct diagnosis, based on indirect evidence. "

aggravating factor for restless legs syndrome

Sleep disorders can significantly worsen the symptoms.Often patients noted improvement in their condition after treatment of insomnia with medication, or after treatment of sleep apnea (with the help of therapy, continuous positive airway pressure).

Medications that can cause restless leg syndrome

- calcium channel blockers (drugs for the treatment of hypertension and heart disease)

- metoclopramide (used to treat heartburn)

- antiemetic drugs

-some medicines for treating colds and allergies

- large antipsychotics (including haloperidol and phenothiazines)

- phenytoin (anticonvulsant)

- antidepressants

in people predisposed to restless legs syndrome symptoms develop can trigger substances such as tobacco,alcohol and coffee.

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