Alexander Rumyantsev : "We have made a breakthrough "

on June 1 in Moscow was inaugurated by Federal Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology, and immunopathology.On the prospects and scope of the project, he told us his director, corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences Alexander Rumyantsev.

exclusive interview korrespondent corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences Alexander Rumyantsev.

- Why is there a need for a new children's center for the treatment of cancer patients?

- The beginning of this project was initiated in the late Soviet period, when it became clear that Russia lags behind in the treatment of patients with cancer, especially cancer of the blood.At that time, we have a recovering only 7% of patients, whereas in the EU countries, in America and Canada - about 70%.The difference was enormous.

The fact that the developed countries had already developed an interdisciplinary cooperation in the treatment of patients, that is engaged in one patient the doctors of different specialties.In ad

dition, all appointments of doctors were not based on personal knowledge and experience, and the official, really meaningful research, followed by a competent statistics.

To reach such standards, we first organized the international exchange of experience - were invited to our Russian specialists from several countries of the world, they have been trained.It was in February 1990, in the reserve Polenovo, in the Tula region.And in 1991, for the implementation of international achievements was the Institute of Pediatric Hematology, director of which I was assigned.The first 15 years, we have copied the system of organization of cooperative research and the achieved almost 90% survival.Now we have 48 clinics across Russia, and they all operate on the same standard.The crown of our work - Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and immunopathology, which is unparalleled in the world.

- How is it unique?

- Here are concentrated all the technologies known today, by which we could treat patients.We joined in the new center of the three branches: oncology, hematology and immunology.Innovation and proved that such assistance will be provided namely children.The new center bone marrow transplantation will be developed, peripheral blood stem cells, umbilical cord cell bank organized.It will be the largest transplant center for children, there will be more such operations than in the whole country.

All patients will be collected in a single database.With this organization, no matter where the patient is ill, we will be able to exercise control over any of our offices in Russia online.With this system, we are simply doomed to success.

- The Centre is already operational?

- June 1, the International Children's Day, we will cut the red ribbon - construction ended.Now there is a building of the registration period.After that we will get money for the operation, we hope that in the autumn we will be able to take its first patients.

- Who will you be treated?Pay Treatment?

- We will take the most seriously ill patients from all over Russia.Conditions have been created to ensure that every child were near his parents built a special hotel for patients from the regions.All the treatment and accommodation of patients and their families free of charge, financed by the state.In general, I'm sure that for all of our critically ill patients, especially children, must meet only the state.It also responds and ...

- What specialists will attract?

- planned state of pediatric surgeons, radiation specialists, hematologists, oncologists, immunologists, and so on.The tumors are different, and therefore recruit experts for different profiles.

- A qualification is important?Yesterday's graduates of medical universities will be able to get to you?

- The main issue in the selection of personnel - personal qualities.Working with cancer patients is morally difficult.For several years, there is the patient, the doctor becomes almost part of the family, and the harder the patients affected by the loss.So there can not be a question of money.People must first be sympathetic.

We have tried to create in the center of the optimistic mood, he looks like a child's toy.Supervision says it is the most beautiful building in Moscow.

- the question of sympathetic people: how prevalent today charities supporting cancer patients?

- They are in almost every subject of the federation, where our office.

- and they are all connected with you?

- Yes, we have worked with many community organizations and foundations.The most famous of them - "Give Life", he organized the director of our center Galina Novichkova and actresses Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun.This group besserebrennikov that help children, parents.They organized a psychological support for families, support science, the staff even we have supported during the construction of the center.

- How do you evaluate the situation at the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima?Should we be afraid of the inhabitants of the Far East to increase the number of cancer?

- In the near future we are going to Japan to share our experience with Chernobyl.Then, as now, as a result of the disaster in the air and water were thrown radionuclides that through the food chain to enter the body of people.They do not appear for a long time, causing a variety of disorders.But you can get them, because that radionuclides - competitors ordinary substances.And how - this is a purely medical issue.In the Far East there is no evidence of air pollution because of the disaster, so that our residents have nothing to fear.

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