Cryotherapy : cold therapy

Cryotherapy : cold therapy
Today, cryotherapy is used in medicine and cosmetology, allowing you to quickly and painlessly solve the problems of health and beauty.

Cold treatment can lead to surprising results.For example, a method of applying a conventional ice known since the times of ancient medicine and is widely used today as "hypothermia" (lowering of the body temperature of all or any portion of).The mechanism of action is very simple: by narrowing the blood vessels and slowing down the local metabolism achieved

anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect, stop the bleeding and reduces the pain.

Ice will help us

applying different temperatures cold, doctors are making significant progress.There are, for example, local application of conventional ice.This method is known since the days of ancient medicine and is widely used today as "hypothermia" ie lowering of the body temperature of all or any portion.The mechanism of action is very simple - by narrowing the blood vessels and slowing down the local metabolism achieved anti-inflammatory, decongestant, stops bleeding, reduces pain syndrome effects.For example, ice "packs" can be used as follows.

  • Applications ice in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (pancreatitis, gastritis, cholecystitis, etc.)
  • Applications for various injuries of the skeleton, joints, ligaments and muscles.
  • Applications with internal bleeding (lung, stomach, nose, etc.)
  • impact of cold water with a concussion for the withdrawal of its swelling.
  • General hypothermia is used, for example, during operations on large vessels and heart - with the help of doctors cryotherapy slow circulation.

Cryotherapy: Liquid nitrogen instead of a scalpel

The latest achievement is the use of liquid nitrogen surgery with a temperature of -80 to -196 degrees.This method has a single name - "cryoablation" - and involves the removal of a segment of tissue not using a scalpel and via instant freezing followed cryonecrosis and accordingly unnecessary tissue withering away.

Cryodestruction does not require anesthesia, as the rapid cooling leads to "shut down" sensitive nerve endings, that is, has a strong analgesic effect.How to use liquid nitrogen cryotherapy?

  • As local anesthesia for minor operations (opening boils, etc.), as well as the elimination of certain dangerous skin lesions (cancer tumors, nevi, papillomas, warts).
  • gynecological surgery to remove endometriosis, cervical erosion, and others.
  • in Urology and Andrology at the removal of prostatic adenoma.
  • in brain surgery to remove pockets of severe neurological abnormalities in the deep structures of the brain (epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, torsion dystonia).
  • With operations in the ENT - organs with the help of liquid nitrogen is removed and the cavernous body of the sprawling nasal mucosa, tonsils, adenoids, polyps.
  • In ophthalmic surgery for the treatment of retinal detachment, removal of tumors in the eyes, and others.
  • A number of other operations.

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