How to get better during pregnancy : the main rules of supply

How to get better during pregnancy : the main rules of supply
Dial 10-15 kgs and does not get into any one pants - the prospect of not tempting.But it is quite another thing, if the cause of these changes will be waiting for the baby.These pleasant kilograms, as a rule, easily go themselves.But it so happens that in pregnancy mom quickly grows stout, adding more weight than recommended by a gynecologist.How to get better during pregnancy too much, I will tell you in your material.

Eat for two, and for two main

answer to the question, it does not get better during pregnancy - eat less.And it's not scary.Forget the absurd advice: "You're pregnant, eating for two!" It happens that women who did not eat after six and kept a tight rein on yourself, learning about the perfect position, they go to the winds.

However, there is everything, including the middle of the night, not the best approach.In any case, the consequences of such gastronomic rake outrage to you.

Doctors say that for the full development of the baby the woman does not need extra calories to about 2

4 weeks of gestation.Only in the last trimester, when the baby starts to grow actively, the expectant mother should eat 200 calories a day more.

What is 200 calories?One large banana, nuts, or 33 grams, or 150 grams of chicken meat, or two potatoes in their skins with rosemary.

How to get better during pregnancy: eat fewer calories

Even if you previously did not like dark chocolate, rasprobuet it now.Firstly, it has more good and less harm to you and your baby, and secondly, all of a sudden with the new state in the wake you new taste preferences?

There it must be like this: put a slice (20 g) on ​​the tongue and allow it to dissolve in your mouth.Another great treat - dried fruits and unusual suhoyagody.Tired of dates, dried apricots and raisins?If you are not allergic to strawberries, cherries, melon - safely try their dried form.New taste sensations guaranteed!

wanted something sweet, but what it is - it is not clear?It happens!Oat cookies with fresh berries or jelly dessert with fresh fruit will help you pamper yourself and do not overeat.

Remember: all pregnant women gain weight, but as soon as they start to abuse the sweet, weekly weight gain increased to 3 or even 5 times.

Remember "right shelf»

Weigh yourself every week: so you can easily control if you eat right.You can record performance in a notebook: the early stages of every month, at the late - once a fortnight.

Usually gynecologists measured the weight of expectant mothers at each visit.The average woman gains to the 20th week of pregnancy, 4 kg for the rest of the period - by 0.5 kg every week.

So, another important rule that it does not get better during pregnancy - Control your weight!

Avoid fasting days

If your gain is not pleasing to you or the doctor, in any case it is not necessary to torture yourself diets or have a buckwheat.

Many gynecologists are still running by Soviet standards, forcing pregnant women to arrange fasting days on apples and yogurt.Modern medicine is not recommended for women in the position of such events to pace yourself.

daily diet of pregnant women should be balanced and nutritious.If you type more than one kilogram a week, limit sweets, flour and fat, and your gain will be included in the rate.


Lean on poultry and game

good advice to those who do not know, it does not get better during pregnancy - there are more birds and game.

not gain too much and be in great shape to help pregnant lean meats, poultry and fish.Rabbit, chicken, turkey contain a lot of protein desired, and the sea and red fish - sources of calcium and phosphorus needed for strong bones and teeth.But pork and mutton is better to exclude all.

Diversify the diet at the expense of fish, walnuts and green vegetables.Useful products during pregnancy - those that contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially dokozogeksaenovuyu acid (oily sea fish, walnuts, pumpkin seeds) and folic acid (green leafy vegetables, salads, legumes).

enough of these and other nutrients to help your child to develop normally in the womb and after birth have a normal intellectual level.Forget the skillet.The right food to eat raw (ie, the fruits and vegetables), boil, stew or cook multivarka.Mayonnaise replace a mixture of olive oil with lemon juice and spices.

enough sleep

Expectant mothers should not lie on the side of the clock, of course, if the pregnancy is wrong.Pregnancy is not a disease but a perfect position.However, healthy sleep and waking up without an alarm clock are pregnant only benefit.And including help to control appetite.

Our body is so constituted that if we do a little sleep, lack of sleep is compensated calories.As a result - uncontrollable appetite and craving for food rich in carbohydrates.And this again sweets, bread and biscuits ...

Eat out "happy plates»

To save yourself from overeating, select yourself a little a plate (necessarily beautiful!) And eat always just out of it.

Eating a serving, take a twenty-minute break.This time is enough for the brain to the stomach received from signal saturation.Most likely, after this time, apply the additive you no longer want.Here are approximate rules for those who are looking for an answer to the question of how to not get better during pregnancy.


Mihail Gavrilov, head physician Center Dr Gavrilova

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